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The Best Items To Merch on Runescape for November 2012

For the month of November 2012 the best items merchant on Runescape are going to fall into two different categories:

The first category of items will be those that are best for flipping.

HAAS 300a

The Best Items To Flip In November

In order to find out when the best time to flip an item for most profits, Linkbuilder and others from Lumbridgecity copied down the trading spread every 15 minutes for several items over the course of many weeks.  Almost every time, the charts showed us that: the best items to flip are the items that are dropping in value and not the items that are rising.

And the easiest way to find the best items to flip November of 2012 is to go to grand exchange Central and find the items that have been dropping in value for the last seven days.

The second category of items that will be best to merchant on RuneScape in November will be those that are really good for investing.

The Best Items To Long-Term Merch in November

If you don’t have a lot of time to play Runescape, and you still want to merchant and grow your cash-stack, the investing items are best for you in November.

Find items that have been at a long time low and staying flat low prices over the months of September and October and put your money into those.

Then you can go about your busy schedule and look back at the end of November to see what the value of your items turns out to be. These are the best items to merch in November because you have a very low risk of prices falling even further, and you have a high chance of making some good profits.

Merchanting Rares in November of 2012

On November 1 we can see that the price of Party Hats and Santa Hats has gone up recently at a good clip where the price of Halloween masks have not.  Normally, all these items rise and fall together, so this difference in price levels is what is called as a ‘Divergence – and is highly noted to create bigger than average short-term opportunities.

Are Party Hats doing a False Breakout?  Will Halloween Masks suddenly surge in prices to catch up to the trend of the other Rares?

Using party hats as a guide and Santa hats as an example – I am still, at this moment, betting that Halloween masks will quickly catch up in the next while and probably are the very best deal right now in buying Rares.  At the same time, I am always re-evaluating every day, and quick to use Rule #1 when needed.


  1. JEOR 22 says:

    Im Not Sure weather to invest In Cooked Foods Or in Barrows. PLease Comment back. (:

  2. JEOR 22 says:

    Hello JEOR 22 Here. and i was thinking maybe the “barrows” family will Shoot up in Price a bit i Noticed it with Guthans SO i bought around 10 sets. ill see how it gets in a week or so.

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