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Step by Step Beginners Guide To Flipping

The team here at LumbridgeCity is very happy to announce the release of the first in our brand new series of Merchanting Guides – now available on Kindle!

We start off with the most important lesson for Merchanting:

HAAS 300c

How To Flip Items On The Grand Exchange

With this new ebook, new merchanters can start off with:

  • a clear and simple plan
  • that is easy to learn
  • is fast and safe
  • makes consistent profits
  • with little risk!

It may sound like an impossible dream, but thousands of people have learned this technique and used it to successfully Solo Merch for all the profits they cared to make!

You will gain the secret key to making money from the Grand Exchange like you have never been done before.

It’s simple. It’s not complicated.

You CAN make your money work for you – and it feels good!

It is my hope you enjoy this Kindle book and share it with your friends!!


This method of merchanting does not rely on prices going up and it does not rely on prices going down. (Very often, the widest trading range, and, the greatest profits for Flipping Items, occurs when prices are falling!)

It is easy to do, you can set it up in minutes and continue doing it to make money consistently – whether prices are going up or down!

Once you practice this knowledge, once you know this strategy, You have it. It’s yours forever.

Money really is unlimited on Runescape!
Share the wealth! Share this with a friend!

To Your Success,


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