Speculating, Leveraging and Lending CryptoCurrencies for Profit

Amazing, little-known opportunities to profit as a cryptocurrency speculator.

  1. Buy Low and sell high
  2. finance speculative leveraged trading
  3. lend finances to short term margin traders

No matter if you are just getting started with bitcoin, or if you are investing faucet earnings, or if you are swinging 10 bitcoins per trade and interested in stock trading or FOREX trading with your bitcoin…

    The same principles apply, and the same opportunities for profit are available to all investors – everyone can participate and earn money in some area of crytcocurrency trading and lending cryptoCurrencies!

Earn daily interest by lending bitcoin and by lending other cryptocurrencies. Bid in the open market and safely provide p2p lending to finance margin trading across about a dozen cryptocurrency markets.

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A safe way to earn daily interest without the risks of trading. In this video I mention the Bitshares break out and I reveal a low risk way to lend my BTS and earn 0.9999% per day (an amazing 364% annualized interest) earnings at the same time as profiting if the price continues to increase over time!

Margin Trade,
Provide Loans

Completely amazing opportunities to profit when using all these financial tools the correct way. Very exciting days ahead for people who are involved in crytptocurrencies today!

A Double Win

I also mention how I’ve used my small position in Monero, to finance a short position in DASH as I experiment and document some new tutorial videos for Poloniex that are under development – so far, as I has hoped, Monero is showing strength from this bottom formation, and DASH is breaking further down… which means I am profiting from my DASH short position and my Monero collateral is gaining in value! A double win is possible by mixing and matching ownership and margin trading within this group of different cryptos.

The Potentials And Risks Of Margin

As I experiment with margin trading on Poloniex between these currency pairs, I’m also taking note of the interest rates and depth of loans for each currency when considering a short position in each currency – and the lending rates for bitcoin are of top interest, as bitcoin is used for the financing of all long positions in all the various margin trading currencies. Margin trading is very risky – but if you are looking for stable, high return, low risk ways to ‘invest and hold’ a portfolio of cryptos and grow your holdings at the same time, then lending cryptocurrencies, or, providing loans to margin traders – could be the most important opportunity available in all of crypto trading.

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