Short and Cover, Short and Cover, Short and Ahhhhh

Bitcoin trading today was more satisfying.

Bitcoin Trading Feb 11, 2015

First, because I traded better today. I went short when the patterns showed weakness and a top formation, and I used Rule #1 correctly in all cases, covered the trade and waited for another technical breaking pattern.

Second, I’m more satisfied because I’m holding a profitable short position from a very nice technical level and I think I’ll hold it a long, long time.

CoinTracking 300

Now that I’m holding a good trade, I’ll spend a lot less time watching the markets and more time working on the new Lumbridgecity Projects.

What are the new Lumbridgecity Projects?

Since 2009, Lumbridgecity has focused on the obscure miniature niche audience of gamers who play Runescape, and who like to trade items for profit by Merchanting on the Grand Exchange.

The Grand Exchange is unique because the price of game items is set in an price-discovery central exchange where prices react to changes in supply and demand – somewhat like in a real world commodities exchange.  As soon as I saw the prices of traded items could be tracked on a price chart, I could instantly see the same price chart patterns I had learned when trying my hand at trading commodities futures contracts.

I Tried It And It Worked

These real world trading methods worked wonders for trading items on the Grand Exchange, and I was able to merchant 13 million gold pieces up to over 2 billion gold peices over a period of three years! That’s over 10,000% interest!

While trading on the Grand Exchange, I also felt great reward helping others learn to merchant so they could also make their money work for them.

I always believed that if you gain good money habits within the game, then it would help you in the real world. Yet, I never found a way to help the Runescape merchanting audience with a transition from using good trading skills to make gold-pieces in Runescape, over into a way to make real money with real-world trading… until now.

Trading Bitcoin Is Ideal For Former Merchanters!

I’m excited to write more about the stages to the redevelopment of Lumbridgecity, and I’ll explain how you can support the project and at the same time, gain ownership shares that will gain value with the success of Lumbridgecity!

Seed Stage – We Are Here

An asset share sale initiative to generate $1000 toward the trading fund used in the daily Lumbridgecity video journal. All tippers will be issued shares from the Seed Share Release!

Stage One – Now

A NXT Asset is currently under development and we are looking for someone from the crowd to provide a crypto currency tip of about $15 to cover the 1000 NXT fee for creating this asset.

Use to convert your crypto-currency and send 1000 NXT to this public Lumbridgecity project address and then send us an email or notice via social media so we can add you to our Hall of Fame page and present you with ownership shares to match your donation size!


Launch Seed Stage of the Lumbridgecity Asset

Send a tip now to ensure your shares, or get in line to have a chance to buy shares that can go up in value and even pay dividends!

This asset works something like a corporation and will have a fixed number of shares. A limited number of Seed Shares will be sold and funds will be used to fund a starting balance of $1000 in the trading account.  The trading account balance is USD and is the monetary asset providing value to the asset shares. As the trading is successful, the share value will rise. In addition, shareholders will receive a dividend from a portion of any trading profits!

Learn more about buying and selling NXT Asset Shares –

Read about NXT Assets –

Explore other Assets –

Stage Two – April

After a period of success and growth, Lumbridgecity will expand the Trading Fund size and fund the development of the Lumbridgecity Marketing Plan – with a limited release of shares in a special promotion.

Stage Three – August

Following the Seed Shares and First Round of Investor Shares, the project will focus on venture partner partnerships to promote our invitation-only webinars that teach financial education, introduce the basics of bitcoin trading and offer a full bitcoin trading training program for sale, based on the examples and case studies from the Lumbridgecity trading journals.

All Asset Shareholders will also earn dividends on a portion of Lumbridgecity income from information product sales and other partnership promotions via our email list and social media.

Stage Four – September

Following our information product launch, the final round of Shares will be offered for sale at market price on the NXT Asset Exchange.

Expanded venture partner relationships and greater funding for marketing provided by the final share release can be focused on a larger re-launch of a more professional version of Beginners Bitcoin Trading Course Version 2.0 – Black Friday in October?


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