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Runescape Merchanting Clans

Do Merch Clans still work in Runescape in 2014? Are some Merch Clans better than others? A Merchanting Clan is a type of non-combat Clan whose goal is to make a profit by artificially inflating prices on the Grand Exchange.

While Jagex has done a great job in removing Merch Clan Spam from within the game – unfortunately, Price Manipulating Merching Clans are still around, using websites, forums, social media and even email notices to organize and scam their members.

Looking for the best things to merch on the Grand Exchange? Thinking of joining a Merch Clan?


Over the next few days I am going explain each Phase of the Merch Clan Scam, and you will gain a clear perception of the “big picture” of how a typical Merch Clan Scam begins, what really makes prices rise, and exactly when the Clan Leaders are making billions, from ripping off their own loyal Clan Members.
In addition, I’m also providing a straight-to-the-point introduction to proven methods for Solo Merchanting successfully – that anyone can follow and profit from – without the need to scam anyone or risk being scammed by these slick and underhanded schemes.

You CAN Start Merchanting With No Cash

I wrote this report by drawing on my experience with trading in the real world, and my understanding of the workings of the Grand Exchange. I posted videos on YouTube to document and PROVE that I merchanted my main account from 13.5mil up to over 223mil in just a few months, and then through the next year I solo Merchanted my cash stack to over 1.7 Billion gp!
I have also merchanted a brand new character from a starting amount of just ONE BONE that he picked up from the ground. That was his only income EVER – and by Flipping alone, his account started with 110gp surpassed 10 million gold pieces! No Skilling. No Other Income Of Any Kind! And you can do it too – you can successfully learn to merch and grow your cash – even if you are starting out with nothing.

You CAN Successfully Learn To Solo Merch!

With each of my merchanting experiences, my understanding and confidence in the process grows stronger, and my profit increases too!

Over the next few days, I will offer a concise and powerful review of the knowledge I gained about the workings of price manipulating Merch Clans.

LumbridgeCity has already helped THOUSANDS of people just like you.

This knowledge will save you the demoralizing effect of trading with Runescape Merchanting Clans, and provide you with working alternatives to really start making some money on the Grand Exchange!


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