Runescape Merchanters – Earn Free Bitcoin

Santa Hats are going up! H’Ween Masks too. I’m making millions of gold pieces by merchanting on Runescape right now, but I’m spending MORE time trading Bitcoin because I can use the same Merchanting Skills to earn real world money by trading bitcoin!

But before you can trade bitcoin, you need to HAVE some bitcoin.

  1. Start off by getting a free Xapo wallet:
  2. Then you can earn free bitcoin with the Moon Faucet:
  3. Find more of the best paying Bitcoin Faucets:


You don’t need to turn YOUR bitcoin into something else… you could keep earning and saving your bitcoin in your xapo wallet and your bitcoin will go up in value too!

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Some people believe bitcoin will go back up to $1000 each, some people think bitcoin could go up to $10,000 each!!

So get out there NOW, earn and save all the bitcoin you can – even if it seems like you are not earning much right now.

My Long Term Investing In CryptoCurrencies

In this video, I also explain an extra step where I transfer the satoshi I earn from bitcoin faucets into another cryptocurrency called NXT. This is a long term investment strategy I’m sharing with you here today because I believe NXT will go up 10x or 100x in value over the next two years.

Set up a free NXT wallet so you have a place to keep your NXT:

and then use the Shapeshift service to turn your satoshi into NXT

Other Ways You Can Invest: Own Real Silver and Gold!

Instead of converting the free bitcoin that you earn from faucets into NXT as I have, you can also convert your bitcoin into real gold and silver – and other precious metals!  Check out this tutorial video on how to use


A short Bitreserve Tutorial and Walkthrough with commentary. My first time using Bitreserve.

Big thank you out to Roger for the tip! Instead of adding these funds to my bitfinex trading account, I’m going to use this opportunity to make a tutorial video about another way to invest your Bitcoin into fiat, real-world commodities, and back into bitcoin at anytime.

In order to choose which precious metal to invest in, I check out the long term price charts for Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum.

And I show you why I chose to turn a $6 CDN (0.02202 BTC) bitcoin tip into more than seven grams of silver.

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