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Runescape Live Q&A On Bots

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See the interview question about the coming massive price spikes on the Grand Exchange as a result of banning the bots with Botany Bay, read below to find out the best items to merchant to make FAST and EASY money from the release of Bottany Bay!!

Live Q&A with Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard (Mod MMG) and RuneScape’s Lead Designer Mark Ogilvie (Mod Mark)

This week all about Bots and Botany Bay!

Partial Transcript From The Runescape Live Q&A On Bots

Scott From Twitter Asks

How is the market going to recover from the lack of botted resources – are there systems in place to prevent massive price spikes?

Mark Ogilvie (Mod Mark)

That is a very interesting question – and I really don’t know the answer to that.

We see prices fluctuate all of the time.  Right now there are certain resources that people don’t feel its worth their while to go after because the markets are so dominated by the bots they don’t feel the money is worthwhile for the time.


You might argue that certain items are too low in value right now because people aren’t investing genuine time into getting them.


People always talk about the price of fish, there was one time that shark were 1k and it fluctuates up and down…

I don’t know.  I don’t know the answer to that question.

Mark Gerhard (Mod MMG)

Well the balancing team will be looking at that

Mark Ogilvie (Mod Mark)


What Does Lumbridgecity Make Of This?

This is the biggest merchanting opportunity in the past several years. If you have been following Lumbridgecity this past several weeks, we have been showing you the items Linkbuilder is merchanting to get ready for the big market moves.

As soon as this Live Video was complete, Linkbuilder added the Guardian to his account, and then hit the Grand Exchange to move some money around, and investing in the best items to merchant for Botany Bay.

What Are The Best Items To Merchant For Botany Bay?

A new and updated bank screenshot will be released in the next couple days.

There is a massive move of everyone doing much the same as I am, and supplies are drying up fast. Some items are completely sold out, and not available until you bid more than 1000% above market value!

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