The One Secret Pump and Dump Groups Don’t Want You To Know

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Hi my name is Doug. I created the LumbridgeCity Youtube Channel, produced over 250 videos in the last two years all about digital currency trading.

QuadricaCX Dark

And today I’m producing a mini-series of five minute videos intended to help new beginners learn about digital currency trading.

Did Whey Protein Really Cost Me 4.8 Million Dollars?

The first video is to help you really realize how important this opportunity is. To illustrate, I tell a tragic story of how I spent a thousand dollars on whey protein supplements – and it ended up costing me more than 4.8 million dollars…

…those of you who understand Bitcoin’s history will feel my story for sure.

Pump and Dump Groups Deny This Completely

The second video is to teach you about the dangers that are involved in digital currency trading. I reveal the one secret that pump and dump group leaders don’t want you to know.

Set And Forget A Small Digital Currency Holding

And the third video is going to show you two different set-and-forget trading strategies that you can use. Be sure that you don’t miss out on the big changes coming to how money is used around the entire world… now that Bitcoin and digital currencies are moving in.

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Become successful at cryptocurrency trading.

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