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Merchanting on Runescape by Flipping Items


I like the daily action of flipping items and earning a profit on the Grand Exchange – because – it’s fun! It’s rewarding to login and collect profits every time. And it’s always cool to have more cash to put on orders for a bigger position!!


Linkbuilder is practicing long term merchanting on the Grand Exchange as a way to build in the daily habits required for trading on a real commodities exchange.

Long term Merchanting on Runescape can be boring, actually, unless you keep the big picture in mind. Buy the item, log out of the game for six months, login and sell it for amazing profit in just minutes of game play… but where’s the fun in that?

If you’ve been following along with the Runescape Merchanting Experiment, MERCHFIRE – (where I started a new character with just one bone, and he has flipped his way to over 4 mil — with no other earning or income), you’ll be interested in these findings:

The steady profits on Merchfire, and other merchanting characters, have given me this experience with Flipping Higher Priced Items:

I can make MORE MONEY by flipping in a rising market, than I can make by buying and holding – in the same market.

I’m A Low Risk Trader

My prior experience with real world commodities trading has provided me with a specific strategy that has also proven to work for Merchanting on the Runescape Grand Exchange, this is true.

For example, I started merchanting on Linkbuilder with 13.5 mil, and in less than a year, I was to 235 mil. Imagine taking 13.5k real world cash and turning it into 235k cash on the stock market!! This is amazing success!

However, I’ve proven it to myself over and over again, that Flipping on Runescape offers a much greater earning potential! In fact, the rate of earning from my Flipping Merchanting Characters is so much greater than Linkbuilder, that they would surely overtake him in time.

Split Merchanting Strategy

This week, Linkbuilder is moving to a split merchanting strategy.  50% of his cash into long term trades, and 50% into flipping.

Articles on Flipping Items on the Grand Exchange

It’s not easy to find good and current information about how to Flip Items – and which are the best items to flip these days, but here are a few good resources you may find interesting: Runescape Community has a few good tips in a discussion about How Much Money Do You Make Daily Flipping/merchanting? You can also find a helpful thread on Zybez called Good Items To Flip

An author on Ehow has presented some good definitions of exactly what Flipping is, and a short list of items you may want to review. How to Make Money on Runescape by Flipping. The authors Item List is very different than what Linkbuilder has been targeting. This will be fun to try these items! I particularly like the brief comment about being afraid when starting to flip the costly items. The emotions of fear and greed often work against you when merchanting, and it’s important to know the correct way of thinking when trading if you wish to be successful in the long run.

The Beginners Guide to Runescape GE Merchanting gives the best detail I’ve found online – the author is one of the few straight shooters who teaches Merchanting, and I recommend everything he does.

As the final example of Flipping here’s a link to a video on YouTube – where the Merchanter shows Runescape – Investing 150m “bounce” Merchanting.

Not Showing What I Want To See

Nobody is showing the most explosive method for profiting with Flipping. The best they recommend, is that you practice in your chosen market ‘to get a feel for it’. This is true, of course, don’t get me wrong – the more you know about the item you are merchanting, but better you’ll do, but these helpful tips are not specific enough for me to go to the GE and buy something right now.


Yep – there is an easy way to flip that is available all the time, and it’s profitable every day – just as I explained in the free report 5 Phases Of The Merch Clan Rip-off.

However, occasionally, an explosively profitable way to flip will present itself, and a merchanter can make 30% profit in just one update of the Grand Exchange!

You can apply these strategies to flipping items at any price level. For example, Merchfire started off buying and selling a few dozen trout with all of his available cash, but for some reason, it feels different to buy a few dozen items for 800k, and risk your entire account of several million gp.

The Merchanter’s Mastermind Group can help anyone who wants to learn how to merchant on the Grand Exchange. Free advice is available in our Forum, The Merchanter’s Lounge, and we have an exclusive special group for those of you who want much more information and personal help. It’s called The Merchanter’s Mastermind.



  1. wenqin123 says:

    Well, I have to just start off and say that I love your videos and you seem to inspire many people to grow, think and expand their knowledge. You definitely helped inspired me for security’s investing.

    I have an idea of composing a list of some of the most common items on runescape, including rune, logs, gems, rune armour, dragon armour, bones, arrows, barrows. Just very common items that every player has used many times, and compiling them all together to create a single index. Since these items are used by everyone, they can easily be shown as the “market”. So if you see this index down, you can have a general idea that the market is also down, and is at depressed or overly optimistic levels. Something very similar to the S&P 500 or the Dow.

    Also, if your encouraging people for real world wealth building in the stock market, I feel like it is crucial that you not encourage charting, and constant trading. It simply does not work in the real world, and you are more likely to lose money, and most likely wont do well in the long run. You might make a couple bucks, but you will most certainly lose it all, and many real world traders do lose a lot, and never come back. It works on runescape because the items don’t have really have an outside factor affecting them. Such as earnings, management etc. Even commodities are hit by outside factors, such as economic, financial, weather etc.
    So I think you should definitely leave a clear distinction between speculative charting and real world investing.

    • LumbridgeCity says:

      Many thanks for the note Wenqin123!

      First – I agree that real world trading is very much different than merchanting on Runescape! We have no trading fees and no slippage while trading on the Grand Exchange – and a host of major differences in the rules and methods of placing a trade… It is no easy task to trade in the real world.

      Lumbridgecity will encourage people to gain financial knowledge. By learning to make gold pieces, and keep them, and put them to work for you so they grow on your behalf while you are earning more gold pieces – we can DEEPLY learn the value of putting away 10% of all you earn.

      By simply proving to yourself that it is possible to grow your money, you can emotionally gain the HABIT of spending less than you earn so that you can consistently put that money to work – knowing you will earn greater wealth over time.

      Lumbridgecity is sticking the the basics – and staying with a focus on practicing for the real world, by building habits.

      A more advanced, real-world-commodities-only-focused sister website is now under construction, and the new site will go more deeply into everything needed for technical analysis of real world markets. Fundamental factors are always reviewed and considered, but chart patterns are the end authority in my trading methods.

      Great to have your input!

      To Your Success!


      About the S&P-Style Index idea – awesome thinking! I recommend for all your averages and indexes of different groups of items.

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