Live Launch of DigitalCurrencyTraders Free Workshops!

Streamed Live on YouTube Thursday – May – 4 – 2017

Hello and welcome to the live launch of the new course on

So as you can see the countdown is showing that there’s minutes left until the course is open
but the course is already moved back two days late because there was just so much I took on to much to get this put together…

There’s so much information that I was pulling together from the last four or five years of my own personal studies in this area that I really wanted to get it all put in there in a way that was at
least somewhat functional before I opened up the website

1broker square

Now I tell you it’s it’s still not all finished but the basics are all in place. All of the text
is in place, the links to the good recommended resources are in place – and have recorded several different MP3’s to go along with the course! Later I’ll add in screenshots and I’ll add in more videos and tutorials to go along with this free training course.

It’s time to get it out and I’ll get your help to test this new website for me!

You can see that there are three sections in the website

First of all we’ve got the section on mining rigs

Second, a free workshops area

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope talk to you soon.