Intro Podcast For Digital Currency Traders

Hello this is Douglas Lampi again from

And I have a question for you…

Are you currently trading bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for yourself?
have you thought about getting started with bitcoin or ethereum?
Are you interested in increasing your cryptocurrency trading results over the next 3 to 6 months?

If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then I have some good news for you.

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More people are going to make more money and become financially independent, if not millionaires trading cryptocurrency in the next few years – than bitcoin produced in it’s entire history.

Fully 80% of those new millionaires will be people who buy – and hold – …the right cryptocurrencies… for just the next few years.

The probability of you becoming financially independent could lie in your ability to choose the right cryptocurrency – and hold it – for a period of time.

If you are trading cryptos already, you are at the front of the line for achieving financial success.

Your goal must be to operate your trading with maximum efficiency so that you can maximize your profits at every step along the way.

If you are in trading, you owe it to yourself to learn how to be one of the highest earning, most successful people trading these markets.

Remember: in life you can earn a little, or you can earn a lot, it’s a largely up to you.

No one is smarter than you and no one is better than you. If someone is doing better than you in crypto trading, it’s simply because they know more about what they’re doing than you do – at the current moment…

All business skills and all trading skills are learnable. If you can drive a car, use a smartphone, and operate a computer – then you can learn any trading skill.

Once you learn a specific skill, you can use it over and over again. And each time, you get better entries and exits, and achieve better trading profits in less time.

Why am I telling you this?

80% of traders who are just starting out lose money but 20% of Traders make money consistently.

Some of these successful traders make a small amount of money, while others make millions of dollars… trading the same currencies, during the same times. with the same market conditions.

The high road the financial success has always been entrepreneurship and now, starting and building your own profitable crypto trading portfolio could the the keys to your future.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of beginning and experience traders in different countries around the world. I’ve created hundreds of videos on YouTube about the cryptocurrency trading markets, and I personally manage three different cryptocurrency holding portfolios.

I’ve created a step-by-step course, videos and learning programs that teaches my methodology for approaching the crypto currencies. And I’ve established growing Forum of people who are actively trading, mining and investing in all aspects of the cryptocurrency markets.

All of these things together, all of the best ideas for starting out with building a profitable cryptocurrency portfolio, and now I’m making them to available to you at low cost, fully supported with audio, video and tutorials to teach you how to become successful at cryptocurrency Trading.

We have created the DigitalCurrencyTraders online university of cryptocurrency trading to show you step-by-step processes that you can follow to increase your trading, become financially independent, and hopefully, become a self-made millionaire.

The DigitalCurrencyTraders online university is designed for ambitious men and women, like yourself, who have two qualities:

First: they are recognize that to earn more you must learn more. The ideal students for DigitalCurrencyTraders realize that their key to the future is the continuous acquisition of learning and skills in business, investing and trading.

You probably know by now that you may not achieve the most success by simply working harder and longer hours. Instead you must learn how to make your money work for you with greater efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

You must learn how to focus, concentrate and trade markets with a clear and simple methodology for entering markets, reducing risks, and profit taking at the right time.

The only way that you can achieve trading success, is by learning and practicing new strategies and techniques, and applying these techniques to your trading activities – every single day.

The second quality for the ideal all students of DigitalCurrencyTraders University is that they have the self-discipline and self-control and self-mastery to invest at least one hour per week in learning a new skill on how to run their trading more profitably.

As Napoleon Hill once said – self-discipline is the master key to riches

If you have this discipline, or if you can develop it – then your future can be unlimited!

If you are just starting trading, the course with DigitalCurrencyTraders will save you thousands of dollars and many years of hard work in creating the same level of financial success.

All of the information you need to enroll is at

But, let me tell you briefly what you get if you were a student of our Cryptocurrency Trading Course.

First of all you will participate in a structured learning program built around a series of practical, proven methods, techniques and strategies that you can use immediately to improve your cryptocurrency trading success.

You will learn how to find trade entry points faster and easier

You will learn how to boost your Revenue and your profits

You will learn how to reduce risks and cut losses

You will learn how to make better decisions and how to operate your trading at the highest levels of efficiency.

Each lesson takes less than one hour to complete. You can move the program faster or slower as you choose: some students take 1 lesson per week, and other students take 1 lesson per day. It’s up to you. It’s completely self-directed learning.

In addition, with your enrollment in these internet-based cryptocurrency learning programs, you will receive access to recommended books, articles and live weekly trading video hangouts that reinforce and support what you are learning in the course.

Within a few weeks, or even days, you will be making better decisions, taking more effective actions – and getting better trading results than you ever thought possible.

You will learn how to double your trading stake, and double it again.

You will get insights, ideas, and so-called secrets of success, practiced by the most successful people in trading – large or small.

The courses at DigitalCurrencyTraders University are inexpensive and based on years of practical experience with hundreds of trades. Each course and each lesson in each course is focused on helping you to get immediate, measurable, financial results.

At DigitalCurrencyTraders University, you get the equivalent of a practical MBA in effective cryptocurrency trading methodologies!

Once you’ve completed the core courses, you will be able to graduate and move onward to implementing what you have learned in our courses in cryptocurrecy trading, money management and personal productivity.

Or you can start with low risk daily interest investments, and see your equity increase and begin compounding immediately.

When you are finished each step of the program – you also receive access to specialized sections of the private forums with additional examples with Q and A to support what you are learning in each step of the course.

Many of my students and followers worldwide, have reported improved results after joining LumbrigeCity seminars and training sessions and listening to the training audio and videos.

Many people have increased their trading success, simply by attending the courses and watching the videos.

Now, all of the best ideas that I’ve developed in more than 200 videos about the cryptocurrency markets over the past years, after conversing with hundreds of other traders and building an audience of thousands of people online – all of the best ideas are available to you at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere, on demand, at DigitalCurrencyTraders University.

If you are truly serious about your financial future…
if you would like to learn how to build a successful cryptocurrency trading portfolio…
if you would like to achieve high levels of trading profitability…

come to DigitalCurrencyTraders University today and and enroll.

These easy-to-take, easy-to-learn, internet delivered programs will give you the critical skills you need to achieve any Financial goal for yourself.

You don’t have to take my word for it.

Come to DigitalCurrencyTraders and take one of the free mini-training courses: ‘How To Trade Crypto Like a Rockstar’, or,’ How To Earn Free Bitcoin With No Investment’ – and get started today.

If you are just thinking about starting to trade cryptocurrencies, take the three part mini-training series. In it, you’ll learn just how big this opportunity is, you’ll find out about the extreme danger in crypto trading, and discover two different set-and-forget trading strategies to ensure you don’t miss out on the next big wave.

This special series of training videos has been attended by students worldwide to discover the opportunities, learn about the dangers of getting involved, and the opportunities for profit by investing in cryptocurrency.

If you are starting out learning about Bitcoin and you have no money – come and take the free course on how to earn free Bitcoin with no investment. I reveal the top four ways that I consistently earn passive bitcoin every single day. As a bonus you will also learn how to invest those small earnings and earn daily compound interest on them. Even more importantly, I’ll share the three financial gurus that changed the way I thought and felt about money, and started me on my personal life-long journey to greater wealth and prosperity.

Each of the free mini-training courses could provide the keys to transform your success.

You can download either, or both of these free video training series at no cost or obligation.

If your goal is to achieve financial independence and even become a self-made trading or entrepreneurial millionaire in the months and years ahead, then come to DigitalCurrencyTraders University and let me show you exactly what you need to do to increase your trading success and to build and maintain a highly profitable portfolio.

Prove it to yourself, come to, take one of the free courses, and see how you can improve in each area of your Trading.

And if you find these materials helpful, then the next step may be to enroll in the DigitalCurrencyTraders online university of cryptocurrency trading and begin moving towards the financial success that you deserve and desire.

The Main difference between success and failure is decisiveness.

Successful people get the facts, make a decision – and take action. The keys to your future is through knowledge, skills and continual learning. DigitalCurrencyTraders University is the fastest and easiest way for you to get the skills you need. Please take action today.

This is Douglas Lampi

Thank you for listening.

I look forward to working with you towards your financial success in the future.