How To Start Trading Bitcoin

Seven Reasons You Should Start Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin is easier to trade, the costs are lower, and it can be very profitable.

  1. Bitcoin is absolutely the easiest market to get start trading – you can create and fund an account, and start trading in a matter of minutes. No Banks or Brokers.
  2. We can access real-time bitcoin price charts for several different trade exchanges for no cost. We can view the bid and ask prices and sentiment charts that show how many people are long and short.
  3. Ultra low trading costs to trade traditional stocks and commodities
  4. Ultra low minimums – you can start with $20 and micro-trade positions as little as 0.01 BTC
  5. Learn to Trade bitcoin from anywhere in the world with internet access.
  6. We can go long or short with equal ease, providing potential to earn profits when prices are rising and when prices are falling.
  7. Market volatility is a tremendous opportunity for traders.

It is an ideal market for a beginner trader to start small and gain trading skills and experience before trading on a larger scale!

Create A Plan Before You Start Trading Bitcoin

You wouldn’t start building the foundation for a new house unless you had a blueprint, or a plan – and it is the same with trading. You wouldn’t go on a fishing trip until you have checked your boat and fishing gear… it’s the same with trading. You wouldn’t step into a boxing ring for a fight if you haven’t been training for it – and it’s the same thing with trading.

When you have made up your mind you are going to start – now it’s time to get prepared.

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If you have been trading for a while but still struggling to achieve the success you want – then it’s time to start again and get prepared as though you are a beginner.

Preparation for Trading

I always recommend new and renewing traders to read and re-read Phantom of the Pits.

This is especially important for those who want low-risk success.

All you need in order to start Trading Bitcoin is an account at an exchange like Bitfinex, and some bitcoin. But in order to be successful at trading, you have to start by being sure that every factor that you can control – is in your favor.

Give your sub conscious a reason for being a successful trader

Successful trading requires a good amount of self-understanding. Phantom stresses the personal and spiritual areas of your life must be prepared as well as the technical and educational preparation.

That means that you must be mentally as well as physically and emotionally prepared in order to be successful in trading. ‘Priorities must be in the proper place including family, friends and environments.’, says Phantom.

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