Hanging Out, Building Wealth and Watching Profits

From Bad Habits, To Successful Habits

Many people want to be successful with money – but they are starting with no money and bad habits with money. Just as I started out with a passion and a strong desire to learn about trading – I thought that more money would solve my money problems. Of course, without correcting the bad habits with money, the amount of money coming in did not change anything.

As I have been correcting my habits with money, I notice two different value systems fighting against the other – Just as I have conflict over when to get out of a trade… I have internal conflict over basic principles of slow steady small steps required in wealth building. In fact, in the beginning, the steps toward wealth are so small and slow, that there is lots of time for doubts, conflicting thoughts and ‘urgent matters’ to undermine the long term plans…

Thus the focus on Lumbridgecity – a community of masterminds. Peers that help each other stay focused on the big picture as we navigate the daily routines of thinking and becoming wealthy.

Wealth Is A Feeling Of Well-Being

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Overall wealth is not just a matter of successful trading, but from a feeling of well-being one achieves by providing cheerful service that helps other people.

The service I give in this project, is to document and share my bitcoin trading experience, to create Poloniex Trading Exchange Tutorials so it may help others who are on the same path.

Why The Membership Fee?

The Membership fee is a quality filter. People with negative energy need other training before they can move joyfully with other people to help in a spirit of harmony – and they will never pay to join and complain, so I don’t have to moderate them.

The Membership fee is a self-growing advertising machine because of the affiliate program with Clickbank. 40% and up to 75% of all membership fees are spent on advertising. Every member adds to the advertising budget, and so a larger membership will automatically help this project grow more.

And the membership fee is a quality assurance – carrot-before-the-donkey that I have created for myself… I want this project to be successful because I will be a better trader and start to compound my account for bigger and bigger trading stages… and because the success of this project could become my full time income that supports my simple lifestyle.

Writing and teaching about feeling good about money. An attractive job to create for myself!

Oh – the bitcoin trade is up over 3% profit now and climbing.

This is good, and I like it!

Sitting at 2.378% profits in this trade. Prices stayed within the high and low in the initial swing just after the breakout so I’m just hanging out, building wealth, and watching – while listening to an audio of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. It’s a ten hour recording, and I’ve listened to this many, many times.

Each day, weather permitting, I take a 30 to 60 minute walk – and I listen to ‘Think and Grow Rich’, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad‘, ‘Money Is My Friend‘, and other recordings… and as I listen to these leaders, I reflect upon my goals, and projects, and the things I want to achieve.

I think about the process of learning a new habit – I realize that daily participation in a community like this helps me keep my thoughts focused. Brian Tracy is a big proponent of daily goal setting in a written format. He recommends writing down everything you want to accomplish, each night before you go to sleep. Review that list in the morning, read something inspiring and workout for 30 minutes before starting your production.

Daily, I monitor Bitcoin and Altcoin markets, and I put on trade when I see a good formation shaping up. I calculate profits and losses, and create video reviews of all trades to share examples of my successes and failures.

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