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Good Items To Merch In Runescape 2014

Trading Runescape MarketsNew Updated List of Good Items To Merch on the Grand Exchange In Runescape 2014.
Find Top 10 best things to merch for both F2P and P2P items.

**UPDATED – See before and after below!**

It looks like there’s going to be a lot of really good Items to merch on Runescape for the spring of 2014!

A Lot Of Really Good Items To Merch

Many of the charts in January of 2014 are showing very promising patterns that indicate large price moves have already started in some markets, with clear building formations in related markets, indicating the turn towards a bull market is now under way!
If you’ve been following Lumbridgcity for a while you’ll know that my favorite formations to trade are the 1-2-3 Bottom Formations – and there are a great number of new bottoms showing some ideal times to take a speculative position! It looks like February will be the beginning of an uptrend in prices for many different basic items.


The Grand Exchange Price Charts Are Talking!

The look of the charts makes me think that Jagex may have recently solved some important botting issues – and it appears to be having a very significant change in the supply of some basic items, which could force prices to spike and then crash, or, if this is a good fix, prices will rise steadily for months!


Looking back – we really NAILED it and made a KILLING of a profit on the items we picked as Good Items To Merch In Runescape 2014!

Updated December 11, 2014

Feb 1, 2014

Way back, we noticed a big divergence in the prices of Lobster and Raw Lobster. It only was a matter of time before Lobster started to go up!




We said “It looks to me like that a ‘buy order’ for Lobster would be good timing.  Get them now, then use the advanced liquidation method for extreme profits when selling out!”

Here is what happened from then till now:

200-300% profits!



It took a really long time before lobster prices started to rise. Raw lobster prices had been rising for many months, while cooked lobster prices remained flat. However, once lobster prices started to go up, they rose by 200-300% in 8 or 10 weeks!


You Can Flip While You Wait

At the same time – no matter if prices are rising or falling, there are always many opportunities to make money on the best items to Flip!
To support the launch of the new book on Kindle, ‘The Beginners Guide To Flipping‘, I’m going to share several markets that are showing the Hockey Stick Pattern – a well proven chart pattern that indicates a boiling, uncertain market that is always a good item to Flip.

Why The Hockey Stick Pattern Works

Flipping is one of the safest, and best ways to merchant on the Grand Exchange because you never hold the items in inventory very long. The aim is to trade the spread between the highest bid price and the lowest ask price – buying the item and immediately selling it to someone else for a slightly higher price.

This kind of short term trading can also be called scalping, or arbitrage.

Most often, small profits are taken over large volumes of trades to make a good profit when Flipping Items, but occasionally, conditions line up to provide 11%, 25% and even higher than 20% profits in a single Flip!

These are the kind of markets you can find with the Hockey Stick Pattern.


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