Getting Started With Sia Cloud Storage

I installed the Sia Decentralized Cloud storage program, and started providing 1 terabite of hard drive space. This post will be updated as I learn how to earn income by renting hard drive space as part of the cloud storage service by Sia. After several days with nothing happening – it was clearly time to start reading the directions. I came to understand that I need to have some SC coin transferred to my wallet within the Cloud Storage UI Client – so I transferred over 10,000 SC, which, at this time, cost 0.00000028 btc each, and btc stands at about $430. In other words, I sent over $1.20 worth of SC.

How Much Does Cloud Storage Cost?

Presently, (March 2016) the cloud storage price check on ZDNet shows

  • Sia decentralized cloud storage rates are going for 148.65 S/GB/Month, or $0.018 cents per GB per month, and
  • Google Cloud Storage runs about $0.026/GB/Month –
  • Dropbox charges a healthy $0.0825/GB/Month!

Important links – – I also trade SC on Poloniex – and have an interest in earning SC as well as speculating.

Ask your questions below this post – it will be updated as I start earning.

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Rent Out Hard Drive Space

Imagine earning rental income just like an apartment building owner – but on a micro-scale!

Build your own Decentralized Data Storage Earning Centers. Earn CryptoCurrencies like Burst, Storjx, Siacoin and soon Maidsafe by providing hard drive space.

This experiment is one of many different ways of earning digital currencies – from sharing the best bitcoin faucets, comparing bitcoin cloud mining and ethereum cloud mining services, accepting bitcoin for membership payments, to trading world markets using bitcoin, and providing low-risk bitcoin loans for daily interest… we are now adding experiments with providing storage space to the Siacoin, StorjX and Maidsafe networks.

The Sia User Interface


More about the beginning of Sia

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