Four-Criteria-Filter For Finding Fantastic Crypto Opportunities

In this quick video I’m going to point out four different factors that I think line up to demonstrate or point out cryptocurrencies that have a fantastic opportunity to take off from where we are now.

The first criteria that I’m looking for is to find all of the cryptocurrencies on poloniex that responded to the two big bull markets

  1. First of all from May 2016 to the end of July to September of 2016
  2. And then they also respond to the big bull market in 2017 ranging from the end of March until the end of June.
  3. I also want to see a really nice clear 1 2 3 bottom formation that occurred between the beginning of January and the end of March of 2017.
  4. I like to see this formation and I want to see that that formation is shaping up again right now.

So I’m looking for these four criteria in all of the cryptocurrency markets on Poloniex. from those, we will be able to sort out and narrow down which markets might be the best opportunities from now for the next year or two

Now this isn’t likely to change which cryptocurrencies I’m holding because I’m completely invested, but I really like to have these videos where I’m reviewing everything so that I can go back in the future and find out what was I thinking on these days about this specific coin.

Especially if I miss read something and I miss out on a big move I really like to study what was I thinking before that.

so thanks again for watching and – if you have time right now – go through all of the markets on Poloniex and do your own studies find the ones that meet these four criteria. Look at which ones might be the best investment for you…