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Cryptocurrency and the New Psychology of Money

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  • Cryptocurrency and the New Psychology of Money

    I found this presentation fascinating - he focuses on personal finances - and how FIAT and Cryptos differ.

    Sterling Luxan, the psychologic anarchist, is a profesional writer, editor, research assistant and aspiring counseling psychologist. He writes regularly for a couple of web pages, namely the Art of Not Being Governed and He has also written a peer reviewed scholarly article for the International Journal of Reality Therapy. He takes a special interest in the psychological and psycho-pharmacological aspects of voluntaryist anarchism.
    I'm not as much an anarchist as many of the Bitcoin purists - I'm focused on benefiting with personal wealth, and learning all I can about money. This is a fantastic educational piece that you will never hear in high school.

    The more I learn about fiat, the more I step back and see people around me who are completely falling for the professional sales pitch of lending institutions - the more I see people falling for 'the starbucks factor' of spending that $20 per week that COULD be invested to ensure their future...
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    I'm going to check out the wallet he mentions at about 30:00 to 32:00 when he talks about how crytos can gamify money
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