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New [LIVE] CryptoCurrency Trading Course - August 2017

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  • New [LIVE] CryptoCurrency Trading Course - August 2017

    It's that time again!

    Registration for the CryptoCurrency Trading Course and Community for new Lifetime Members this week!

    We did not put the time into organizing a big launch, our private trading community is active and vibrant - and is reaching capacity, so promoting the lifetime membership is not top priority - but those who join will help support future growth of the project, in addition to contributing to a live demonstration cryptocurrency trading account that is starting out from scratch - funded with real money - and a trading plan put to real action. And you get front row seats.

    First, the new fees will fund a web team to get the site professionally ready...

    and Second - as usual, we always take a part of the fees to 'put it into practice'. We follow the principles taught in the course!

    (Many people who join seem to skip past the first sections of the course and risk control, and want to get right into trading signals... I did the same thing when I first started trading.

    This is a learn at your own pace program, and everyone is starting with a different level of experience - so where you focus on is your choice. I recommend reading through the course in sequence before going back to focus on your favorite parts.)

    The 'Put in into Practice' section -

    This time in August 2017, the new course will be centered around markets on Bittrex that I have not traded. The Poloniex Trading Accounts will continue to be monitored and traded, the world market trading on 1Broker will continue to be monitored, and now, we will have an additional crypto trading account on Bittrex.

    All trading monitored together on

    Each webinar will move though sections the course PDF, and use this document as our guide to literally demonstrate the steps to set up a brand new cryptocurrency investment portfolio using my personal trading methodology -

    Student fees will fund the new trading account with real money. Not just theoretical Technical Analysis - you get access to look over my shoulder while I set up this trading account - and you also get lifetime access to my online trading journal with regular updates on all of my trading and crypto earning projects.

    Anyone can do Technical Analysis and look smart. The only way to prove a trading methodology is with money. In the live markets.
    This August 2017 run of the course is unique.

    The website and community have never been more ready to welcome and help new members - and - the crypto markets have lined up to some never-to-be-seen-again opportunities!!

    I can't wait to get started!

    This course will be centered around markets on Bittrex that I have not traded. These markets are brand new to me and I have to complete my research from the ground up! From those markets on Bittrex, I'll review charts, collect some basic fundamentals about the projects.

    Then I'll do the technical analysis to my trading rules, and take screenshots of each market - and narrow down the choices.

    I'll set trading profit/loss targets, identify how Rule 1 and Rule 2 fit into position size -

    Then we will continue to follow through from week to week - as the markets play out these trades, the trades in the established trading accounts - in the lifetime members forum and live Discord Chat!

    Get Started Now

    Registration for the CryptoCurrency Trading Course

    Registration Closes Friday August 25, 2017

    Opening Day Special - Save over $100 on the lifetime membership
    AND 45 minute, One-On-One live consultation!
    Monday August 21 only
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