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Massive CryptoCurrency Trading Losses

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  • Massive CryptoCurrency Trading Losses

    Overnight, prices of cryptocurrencies on Poloniex crashed big time. Many coins dropped 25% to 40% and greater.

    The markets are red across the board today.

    But yesterday they were green and everything was rising! It was looking like prices were going way higher!

    Many People Lost Money

    People lost money - because they did not prepare for the fact that the market can do this.

    If you were to cross the road 1000 times without getting hit by a car... would you stop looking both ways before crossing the street? Of course not. It could mean serious injury or death.

    It is the same thing with trading.

    Every time you put on a trade - you are crossing the street. And if you have not looked both ways, you could get blindsided.

    Did you take profits at the top? Or did you buy in near the top hoping to buy high and sell higher?
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