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Poloniex Now Listing STORJ ERC20 Token for Trading

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  • Poloniex Now Listing STORJ ERC20 Token for Trading

    If you still hold any old, deprecated SJCX Counterparty tokens on Poloniex, you will need to immediately convert them to the new STORJ ERC20 tokens on a 1:1 basis using the Storj conversion app before trading them on the Poloniex exchange. After conversion, users can then re-deposit the newly converted STORJ tokens back to their new Poloniex STORJ deposit address or send them to another ERC20-compatible wallet.

    Users should migrate any old SJCX tokens still held on Poloniex to the new STORJ token ahead of Poloniex’s SJCX delisting, which will happen in the next few weeks.

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