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What is Riecoin?

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  • What is Riecoin?

    After reviewing the charts, and investing in this coin, I started to research more about it's history.

    The CoinMarketCap of Riecoin is really growing, much like all the cryptocurrencies - but the trading price of this coin has not yet responded.

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    From the developers

    Published on Feb 25, 2014
    Riecoin is a new crypto currency where miners produce a valuable byproduct! This is a completely new Proof of Work - not a clone of another coin. Riecoin also has absolutely NO centralized characteristics whatsoever.

    This coin has a core of enthusiasts who are focused on the mathematics. So it has excellent support by people who know what they're doing. The math genius developer of Riecoin had Bitcoin's new transaction malleability fix implemented on a new Riecoin update within days (might have been the first alt coin to be updated).

    Mine Riecoins for fun - you never know your computer might break a world record! Study the code and write a paper on it for school. Join a mining pool (or start your own), and store a little RIC at a time until it becomes a valuable savings.

    I wasn't hired to produce this video. I'm a fan of this crypto currency myself and wanted to help with its promotion!

    How to mine Riecoin

    At 17:20 in this video - details about mining riecoin with your cpu on any home computer.

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    i see Reicoin mostly on polo, im going to start back trading on poloniex, even though i dont really like them but the volume is there and its pumpers galore lol.
    reicoin could be due a good rise in next while, only currently 33 m supply and its been about a long time so it has credibility.