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Trading FoldingCoin on Poloniex

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  • Trading FoldingCoin on Poloniex

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    FLDC FoldingCoin
    FLDC - Trading FoldingCoin on Poloniex - March 25/17

    0:00 folding coins and it matches our an
    0:03 enormous cut back in September that was
    0:05 unexpected and I had some of it I called
    0:08 this pump in that and I did not sell out
    0:10 I kept it and then I sold out later but
    0:13 I didn't sell out during the pump even
    0:16 though I was there and available for it

    0:18 now I like this chart because it is
    0:22 showing higher lows this is the only one
    0:27 two three bottom formation here we could
    0:29 call this almost a triangle tightening
    0:32 triangle this way

    0:41 I'm thinking that folding coin is going
    0:44 to go from where it is to not as high as
    0:51 it was before in the next two weeks it's
    0:56 going to go up three hundred percent
    Trading Folding Coin on Poloniex - March 25 2017
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