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Computer Graphics Card Shortages - And What Is Coming Next

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  • Computer Graphics Card Shortages - And What Is Coming Next

    Shopping online for new GPU Graphics Cards sure ain't what it was a year ago.
    At the start of 2018, gamers agree that graphics card prices have risen dramatically, and they are harder to find in stock and buy.

    The reason is - that you can earn money by mining any number of different cryptocurrencies. People everywhere are realizing it, and the manufacturers cannot keep up to demand.

    What is The Next Big Thing?

    As Storj gets steady after switching to a token on the Ethereum network and profits become more well known, and as the Safenetwork come online - the now-educated crypto community will turn to earning passive income by providing hard drive space.

    Let's create a prediction in this forum - that in January 2019 - it will be difficult to find an buy a hard drive in stock in any computer store.

    Today I picked up a few more 6TB drives, and plan to continue accumulating more each time a sale price comes around.
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