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How to monitor your Crypto Portfolio with

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  • How to monitor your Crypto Portfolio with - a must have tool for cryptocurrency traders.

    Streamed live by Lumbridgecity on Nov 26, 2017

    Comments with Questions and Answers About Cointracking and more...

    Hi Thanks for all your question is regarding the % of tax's one has to pay in canada is it 28% capital gains? do you have to pay taxes on coins you have not cashed out? or only on ones you have cashed out on?

    I gathered all my numbers and gave them to my tax accountant. I am blissfully unaware of all those details. While he carefully showed me every step and logic in his preparation, I would have to be under hypnosis to recall any of it! hahaha

    lol...ok well thanks for all you are an inspiration!

    Cryptmo Trader This is something I have been looking for.
    Definitely awesome that you can tell where you stand compared to others in the market. Wonder if there is a way to analyze what the market leaders did to get higher returns on their trades in comparison to the ones with lower returns per trade?
    Will definitely sign up.
    Thanks for sharing this

    I'd like to mine their data on the successful traders as well! The profile I show here is a combination of two trading accounts... one does active trading and the other is a buy-and-hold-for-three-to-five-years strategy. In a future video I'll delete my data and re-import just one account, then do the same for the other account. I hope it's my active trading account that is doing better! lol

    Cryptmo Trader
    This way at least you can figure out your own investment style and try to improve on it for next year. It should be an excellent tool to plan out strategies moving forward. Would love to hear the thought process you had while making some of your trades... Thanks again for the great find

    Hey Lumbridge, long time no see. Fantastic to see you still giving trading tips no matter what it's on.
    I was curious, as a beginner do you think that I should focus on the charts that CoinTracking offers to find coins with higher volume trades, but low movement? Or should I stick with the more known cryptos such as ETH or LTC? Would love to hear from you either way, and hope you've been well!

    As a beginner, I'd aim you towards smaller trades that you hold for a long time. And starting with the markets that are in the top 20 volume, then selecting those with good chart patterns, is a good, basic strategy.
    Even if you only can put $5 investment into each of these 20 top volume currencies... recall that $5 investment into bitcoin in January 2011 when btc was $0.25... is now worth over $200,000!
    Yes. I do think many of these 20 currencies will also gain 200b+ market cap in the years to come.

    Christian Van Der Walt
    Thanks for the video. Is the demo or limited version free, or the full system. I would assume you must pay subscription for more features?

    The demo is a limited version for up to 200 trades I think. The paid version is an irreplaceable tool for someone actively trading and who needs to report their trading profits and losses for tax reasons.

    Daniel Proctor
    The ranking system is really cool, do you find it helps motivate you even more? Also you said you were in the top 12.5%, how many people is that taking into consideration? Thanks

    I just checked, and that is from an average of 94,000 people in their system.

    Tribe Studios
    Hi, I've just started using CT, thanks very much for letting me know about it

    Paul Roeleveld
    Can I enter ICO Coins or not listed Assets?

    Currently manages more than 5000 coins and tokens. I have not entered unlisted assets myself, but there is a manual data entry option that may provide for this.

    Live Tutorial of
    • Cryptocurrency Profit/Loss Tracking
    • Capital Gains Tax Report
    Track the profits and losses in my cryptocurrency trading on Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex and many others!

    Streamed live by Lumbridgecity on Aug 27, 2017

    CoinTracking Tutorials

    Here are two additional videos that show you a quick overview of how to use

    Published by Krypto Knight on Oct 7, 2017

    CoinTracking is a tool that analyzes all your trades, gives you a bird's eye view of all your stats and generates awesome reports.

    Another good tutorial Published by Crypto Terminator on Jun 18, 2017

    CoinTracking is one of my favorite portfolio tracking apps.

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