Ethereum vs Bitcoin: What to Expect in 2018?

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With many people seeking a cryptocurrency guide for beginners, it is vital to anticipate what might lie ahead in 2018 for the use of cryptocurrency. Perhaps you agree that digital currency has had a great impact on how some have run businesses as well as transacted online. As you may know, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the leading cryptocurrencies. For this reason, this article will analyze what tomorrow might hold in order to anticipate where the best returns may be.

What has it been like for Bitcoin and Ethereum?

2017 was a great and successful year for the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoin started with a value of £800 per coin, and this has steadily risen and increased the worth up to £11,000 per coin! Despite availing only 21 million coins for people to buy, bitcoin value has greatly influenced e-finance. It is through world wide investment and trading that bitcoin’s value managed to rise by such a high percentage.

On the other hand, the value of Ethereum had passed the worth of £740 per coin in January. This means that it has steadily risen and is doing better on the cryptocurrency market. Over time, it has also recorded impressive transactions of over 1.3 million per day which is commendable.

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What to expect from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is going corporate in 2018. It is evident that many multinational companies will use bitcoin. It is set to be an acceptable payment method, especially in B2B. Additionally, reports have it that one of the greatest currency cross currency central banks are set to announce and at the same time issue its own currency on the blockchain. Ideally, this may be the chance that bitcoin needs to grow and become acceptable the world over.

In addition to that, bitcoin is set to sort out its scaling issue. This will include working out a reasonable fee and coming up with a second layer solution to enable bitcoin to be used for daily transactions as opposed to only huge investments and transactions.

What to expect from Ethereum?

Ethereum is set to scale greater heights and is most likely going to surpass bitcoin. With its 1.3 million daily transactions, its records basically triple that of bitcoin. For starters, Ethereum will work on the decentralization of its blockchain to ease congestion. Secondly, a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) method will be used for block validation as opposed to the Proof-of-Work (PoW) that is seen to favor other currencies such as bitcoin more. Ethereum will also look into finding solutions for scaling problems. This and more will have a positive impact on the worth of every Ethereum coin on the market.

What will both Bitcoin and Ethereum do in 2018?

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum will thrive in 2018. With the impressive rise in value reordered in 2017, we can expect nothing more than a value higher than £11,000 in 2018. Other than trading, investing and staking, bitcoin and ethereum will continue to grow as acceptable modes of B2B payment by multinational companies. Additionally, it is clear that they will deal with most of the challenges highlighted by the investors.

 A Cryptocurrency Guide For Bitcoin and Ethereum?

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