CryptoCurrency Courses Where You Earn Points For Learning

Now our CryptoCurrency Courses provide a way to earn valuable points that you can redeem for bonuses, discounts – and even for real bitcoin.

Open-Path CryptoCurrency Course Modules

This year, our focus is to “open up” the learning experience and allow students to choose their path.

We feel that online learning is at its best when you can select your content in a way that is flexible, yet structured – and at the same time, provide incentive and rewards for completing each component.

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With the new upgrades to our courses, we have now assigned a number of points that you will earn after finishing each mini-course and training program.

As you complete more courses, you accumulate more points.

This is where it gets interesting…

You can redeem your points for a discount code for any of the paid courses. Points can be combined to achieve deep savings!

You can redeem your points for instant-access bonuses.

You can redeem your points for part ownership in our publicly traded Asset Shares!

You can redeem your points for cold hard bitcoin.

Free CryptoCurrency Courses for Beginners

Fantastic support and training for youth and beginners to Bitcoin and CrytpoCurrencies. It can be a steep learning curve, and these short free courses will get directly to answers that help you understand this opportunity – and get results.

In-Depth Course: How to Invest and Trade CryptoCurrencies

After you have completed the free training and earned your bonus points – you may have a different perspective about the shear MAGNITUDE of the opportunity before us… the opportunity to earn unthinkable returns.

You can use your bonus points to attain a discount code for the Digital Currency Trading Course and Community, or other options that best suit the next steps in your path toward wealth building.