Copy My Trades – The New YouTube Channel

Diversify the ways of investing and growing your bitcoin holdings, use bitcoin to trade world markets.

My trading on 1Broker for the past year has been nothing but high-leverage gambling. My luck at high margin day-trading has been marginal at best.

New Update To 1Broker Represents Opportunity.

Recently, with the update to 1Broker, I will reconsider the way I’ve been trading the World Commodity markets, like Gold, Silver and Oil.

First, people can now follow a trade account and copy successful traders. Essentially, traders who share their trades can gain a following, thus managing other people’s money and earning a commission for growing it.

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Opportunity to Learn. Opportunity to Earn

This is a great new opportunity to learn by carefully studying the activities of profitable traders. The public activity of successful traders is a banquet of case study trades to review, share and discuss with others who are learning and improving their own trading skills.

This new opportunity compare top traders and select who to copy, caused me to rethink my high-risk gambling style of trading I’ve been playing with on 1Broker, and consider a similar long term approach to my ‘usual’ trading style. I started to save up the referral commissions, and accumulate enough that I could start placing public trades!

New YouTube Channel

Putting all this together – it seemed to me that a brand new YouTube Channel ‘Copy My Trades’ was needed. This trading uses Bitcoin, and the main purpose of trading this WAY is to grow bitcoin holdings by catching world market trends. And that is very different than cryptocurreny trading.

So I refocused a sleepy channel that was intended to focus on the world markets… but until now, did not have a way to monetize the topic and have it fit in with my bitcoin centric thinking.

Copy My Trades

Monitor the best traders and study their trades. Or Copy My Trades – at your own peril.