How to copy successful bitcoin traders

Live Video Tour of the new upgrades to the 1Broker Trading Platform, demonstrating how the trade copying option works.

Review public trades and follow the comments and find out what other traders are doing. View success rates, trade histories and more. If you find a trader with a good success ratio and trading style you like – you can set your funds to follow this trader. Their success is your success!

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Reddit update:

1Broker Platform Update – A New Era Begins

Use Bitcoin to trade world markets on 1Broker. Tutorial on how to copy other successful bitcoin traders.

From 1Broker

It is no longer possible to copy individual trading ideas. Instead we switched to a user-based system where traders can be automatically copied with a fixed amount. We are extremely excited about this change since it allows successful users to build a stable followership easier than ever before. By utilizing our traditional reward system for copied trades you can efficiently monetize your knowledge and experience.

In other words – if you are a consistent trader who wants to maximize the earnings of your trading – then building a large following of trade-copiers will produce additional income from the success of your trades, without the additional drawdown for your unsuccessful trades! With a proven track record, you can greatly increase your effective leverage in your favor.

Now you can put your trading on autopilot and copy successful traders over on

Let’s take a look at the platform update announcement over here on reddit that was posted just today where they are telling us is ‘no longer possible to copy individual trading ideas but instead they’ve switched to a user based system where traders can automatically copy with any fixed amount.’

The option to copy successful bitcoin traders is beneficial;

  • to people who are looking for guidance in their trading and some ideas
  • to people who want a diversified set of proven portfolio managers
  • and it also provides benefit for people who are really good trading – especially after they have build up a large audience of followers

The new platform updates on 1Broker permit us look at the popular traders and the most successful traders and see how many people are copying them.

With this update, we can start zooming in now and see which currencies these people are trading; Forex or crypto? Or are they trading stocks?

You can get right into the individual trades that they’re doing and start to look through their trade history and get an idea of – not just their success rates – but their trading style… when they enter the market, when they exit the market… how long to they hold their trades?

Options For Copying Other Traders

When you’re going to copy a trader the options permit you to set the maximum number of trades per day that you’ll follow, and the amount of US dollar value that you’ll follow them with… then you automatically copy all of their trades up to your maximum number of trades per day.

Benefits Of Copying Successful Traders

As a follower you could, perhaps, copy three or four different top traders and diversify your investment strategies – letting them do all the work and you benefit if they benefit.

Greater Earning Potential For Skilled Traders

If you’re a successful trader this is a way to increase the leverage on your profitable trades while limiting the exposure on your failing trades. Because you share the profits of the the profitable trades for all the copiers but the copiers take the full amount of the trades if they end up being a loser.

With a large following, you are essentially growing a method of built in risk control for your portfolio – because you will always have a larger position on when you are correct, and a smaller position on when you are wrong.

Register at 1Broker and start to copy successful bitcoin traders – or build your own following!