– Profit/Loss tool for cryptocurrency traders

CoinTracking is a must-have tool for all cryptocurrency traders. In this short livestream, I’m going to demonstrate some of the benefits of

You can see here that I have 110,000 dollars Canadian in Bitcoin and crypto currencies and I’m able to manage all of these because I can simply use the exchange API imports here and you can see a list of all of the different cryptocurrency exchanges that coin tracking supports.

Cryptocurrency Exchange API Data Import:

It’s a fantastic and easy way to import all of your different trading from many different exchanges and get a really good view of your overall realized and unrealized gains.

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  • Binance API Import
  • API Import
  • Bitfinex API Import
  • Bithumb API Import
  • BitMarket API Import
  • Bitstamp API Import
  • Bittrex API Import
  • Bleutrade API Import
  • CEX API Import
  • Coinbase API Import
  • CoinSpot API Import
  • Cryptopia API Import
  • Gatecoin API Import
  • GDAX API Import
  • HitBTC API Import
  • Independent Reserve API
  • Kraken API Import
  • KuCoin API Import
  • Liqui API Import
  • Livecoin API Import
  • Luno API Import
  • NovaExchange API Import
  • Poloniex API Import
  • QuadrigaCX API Import
  • The Rock API Import
  • Tidex API Import
  • WEX API Import
  • Whaleclub API Import
  • Yobit API Import


Easy Tax Reports for Cyptocurrency Traders

You can also generate tax reports which are a fantastic benefit here you can bring these reports to your bookkeeper and to your accountant and have them format them properly so that they max match the taxes for your low your local region. It’s an amazing

Trading Profit/Loss Analysis

You can register for free and check out all of the options and you can quickly go into your realized and unrealized gains and really start to dig back through how well you’re doing with your trading.

What are some of your best most profitable trades and what are some of your worst trades?

Start to analyze your trading with your clean charts that are available here.  Let’s take folding coin for example, we see the chart of folding coin…


…and where this gets really powerful is where we can show your trades on the charts so you can see where I’m buying in and where I’m selling out and taking profit buying in selling out buying in selling out and where I’m trading with folding coin again.


It’s really fantastic when you can zoom this into the last two months and just see which trades have been doing in folding coin in the last two months.


How Do You Compare To Other Cryptocurrency Traders?

Really fantastic way to study your own trading one of the things that I like the best is to go into the user statistics and to see how am I stacking up compared to the rest of the population all of the thousands of different profiles that are done on here.

So I’m here with value of my coins in portfolio… it shows that I’m in the top 12 percent.

I love all of the people here total profit loss in my all of my portfolio I’m up in the top percentage of all the people (90,145 Users) who are tracking their cryptocurrency trading on this platform – which is fantastic to get this kind of feedback and see how you stand against everyone else.

Top CryptoCurrency By Trade Volume

This is a fantastic chart here to where you can zoom in without Bitcoin and see where the top 30 coins are by trade volume by what’s actually going on when we limit this to the last three months remove Bitcoin it lets you know where the interest is in these markets that the prices are not yet showing.

This is the interesting thing from is to zoom into the three-month view of these charts and then to zoom in without Bitcoin and see the number of trades going on in some of these coins that are not really moving yet but to see this volume of trading is, for me, it’s an anticipation of what may be coming in the charts.

I did want to make this quick and not too long I wanted to tell you about cointracking and encourage you to go and check it out.

Leave your comments and questions below because in another vide, I’ll pay zero point one light coin for somebody
who tells me a great tip about cointracking.Co or somebody who asks a fantastic question about it as well.

I look forward to streaming another live one in the next short while. Good luck to all cryptocurrency traders.