Building an Income Portfolio with Bitcoin


What would happen if you actually found a way to lend your bitcoin for 17.4% annualized returns?


What if your bitcoin loans paid interest every two days and never lost money?


Actual Results! I reveal exactly what I did to safely loan my bitcoin with zero defaults, and earning at 17.4% annualized returns!


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Follow along for a dollar per week and see how I work with this stable bitcoin investment methodology that a low-risk income investor would find attractive. I show you exactly how I set up my portfolio and demonstrate the methods with a live investment account.

Everything about this bitcoin investing method is low risk, low time-maintenance, and consistently provides much higher returns than any traditional investment with bank interest rates.


Why Are World Interest Rates So Low, And Why Are Your Earnings Better?

Interest rates around the world have been persistently low for years – and it’s not changing soon. Ben Bernanke comments on interest rates in the United States and other industrialized countries around the world:

Low interest rates are not a short-term aberration, but part of a long-term trend. Ben Bernanke, March 2015


GIC Rates offer pitiful 1.4% returns on your money


Do Investors Have An Alternative?

Yes! Emerging bitcoin market platforms now offer new ways to safely generate substantially better returns on your savings.

The alternative is: the income you can get from providing bitcoin loans that pay high daily interest. After all, who doesn’t enjoy it when you are passively earning at 17.4% annualized returns on your investment!

Compare These Returns And Options!

When Is Your Interest Paid? Rate Minimum Investment
With Bank GIC’s
1 Year 1.460% $3,500
With Bitcoin
2-30 Days 17.4% annualized $0.35

Annualized Interest Returns on our Bitcoin Loans

Actual Results: 17.4% annualized!



Is this a scam? Isn’t this like the thing my friend lost bitcoin doing? They promised amazing interest on bitcoin??

No this isn’t an scam. It is a case study of my results, and aside from the cost of the course and the training, you are not asked to invest any funds with us.

I was skeptical at first too. And I experimented for months with little bits here, and there. I found that I was profiting consistently from above average interest rates… and I was earning better returns than with my speculative bitcoin trading and altcoin trading. So I began to study these bitcoin loans much more closely.

Why It Works, Why It’s Safe

I began to understand: the reason these market can provide safe returns is because bitcoin is lent out to investors who put up collateral in order to borrow; and the investor must pay back the loan with interest before they can withdraw their collateral.

This way lenders are assured of earning interest with almost zero risk default on loans! Here is an inside look at some of the daily interest rates for bitcoin loans we have been achieving.

June 3, 2015 – 0.07% Per Day = 25% Annualized


September 13, 2015 – 1.899% Per Day = 690% Annualized!


The Bitcoin Lending Experiment Begins

Inspired and excited by these peak interest rates, on September 24, I purchased bitcoin specifically committed to this bitcoin loan experiment: I put these bitcoin up for loan and started to track the daily interest earnings in a spreadsheet and provide graphical reporting of the daily earnings and annualized profits.

I was very optimistic but wanted to prove the numbers
– and even I have been surprised by the results!!

I had no idea the returns would add up this fast!

October 1, 2015 – 0.0469% Per Day = 17.1% Annualized!

October 24, 2015 – 0.4127% Per Day = 150.6% Annualized!

The Amazing Results Are In

This experiment proves this market is low-risk and can provide above average returns!

  • More than TEN TIMES better returns than national bank GIC rates
  • our data shows ZERO defaults on loan repayments

But… What About Compounding The Interest?

Yes indeed! More than just amazing rates – the interest can be paid every two days. This interest can be immediately added to the principle and the new total made available for borrowing.

Knowing about the mathematics of compound interest, I began to wonder about just how fast the almost daily interest payments could be re-invested and how that might effect the long term annual earnings.

Big Benefits for our Private Membership

The goal of this report is to help other people learn to earn amazing returns on your bitcoin investments. Teaching more people does increase the competition on myself, but the market is growing and there is lots of room. The course size is limited to ensure every student gets all the training and attention they need.

Click the button below to get 1 year access to our current portfolio and everything we are doing so you can follow along.

For just $1 per week you can follow LumbridgeCity for a year as we build an income portfolio, seeking out the top interest bearing instruments in the new cryptocurrency world.

Think of it as your bitcoin income kit.

Here’s What You Get

My Path of Discovery

For the skeptical and inquisitive, I share my personal story of discovery and the steps that lead me to focus on this investment strategy, so that you may trust the services I’m demonstrating are well known, established, trustworthy businesses with thousands of customers. And you may also uncover some additional tips and services that are new and helpful in your crypto-journey!

Video Tutorials On How To Get Started

Three short videos on the basics and full email support to get you going

Daily spreadsheet of my lending portfolio earnings.

Transaction Log – detail oriented? Got you covered.

Bitcoin Lending Video Journals

Original instructional videos – you’ll gain fast overview of

– the forces that effect interest rates in this market; – how to set up a low time maintenance spread;
– how to maximize returns with shorter term loans;
– when to lock in with longer term loans

Your own blank spreadsheet

Instructional video on how to enter your daily data and track your progress!

Historical charts and current interest rate alerts.

Never miss out again! No more hit-and-miss, no more wait and see. Now you will have the edge! An insiders perspective on the current lending market opportunities!

This isn’t a one time static report and see ya later. This is a long term plan and you have 1 year access to monitor charts, rates and updates on our Bitcoin Income Portfolio Earnings!

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