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Bot Judgement Day

Botany Bay – Bot Judgement Day, is scaring the hell out of a lot of Botters right now! Here’s how to profit from it!



How To Make Money on Runescape From Bot Judgement Day

There are a lot of questions about Bot Judgement Day – many people are excited about it, but many people think the temp-ban system will encourage everyone to safely bot until they get the second ban.

Some people are predicting economic ruin within the game as the bots have become an integral part of the price of items.  I have just the opposite view – I’m expecting the prices of common skilling items will rise sharply. The bots have been harvesting and dumping these items on the G.E. and artificially lowering prices.  These low prices encourage players to buy the items from the G.E. rather than going and collecting the items themselves.  When the bots are removed, the game itself does not have an established stream of people skilling in these botted areas anymore.  Supplies in the game will quickly be used up, and then prices will rise and rise over time.

The Big Dump Before The Bull Market

Bot Judgement Day is coming, but has not been released yet.  JAGEX did not give warning before BotNUKE, but this time the botters and gold sellers have early warning.

Now you can see the heaviest botted items completely flooding the G.E. as botters are dumping and selling all their inventory before the hammer falls.

I imagine these bot characters are drop trading their cash to new noob accounts that have not botted.  You can bet that this cash will be used to buy up all the inventory they can, as these botters are smart enough to know that prices are about to rise.

The Best Items To Merchant for Bot Judgement Day

The months of September, October, November and December are likely to see continuing increase in prices.  After BotNUKE, many items increased in value by 300% or more, and we can expect the same market reaction this time as well!

This is the time to set up long-term trades.

While all of the trades in Linkbuilder’s September 5th Bank are established with a long-term trade in mind – remember Rule #1 is always in place and watched closely when any trade is first put on.

Now that we have pre-warning, getting ready is not an option, but an imperative!
If you want to make money from Bot Judgement Day
– merchanting is the way to do it.


  1. Chris says:

    bet half the people registered to link builder’s lumbridgecity and varrockcenter are botters.. Botting will soon be undectable at this rate.. There will always be money in it.. For the farmers and hackers, I myself have a R. A. T. The new thingy they added to security… It doesn’t protect your account if you watch to much YouTube. Lol, if you botnuke, what doesn’t kill you… Makes you stronger. So far, that statement is proven.

    • Linkbuilder says:

      You might be right Chris. But if you are going to Bot up numbers on the internet, there are more lucrative markets than botting RS GP and selling them. Jagex wages war on the Bots, Facebook battles the fake likes, Youtube tries to filter fake views… and on and on.

      Question is, do you want to be a botter? Or own the Bot Software Website?

      I don’t bot on RS – my aim with merchanting is to practice my Trading System on a live market so I can be a better trader for the real world commodities markets.

      However – I found websites that are a Barter Exchange Service for Social Media Actions – like views on YouTube, Likes on YouTube, Facebook Likes, Twitter Retweets and many other social actions that now have a real-world monetary value… much like selling RS GP… now a person can sell Likes, Views, Tweets, Pins, Follows, Circles, Diggs… and on, and on…

      So, give up on Runescape Botting. Think Bigger.

  2. Nition says:

    Hey, I just had a question. Since EOC is coming out in November do you think the Arcane will rise quite a bit? If you didn’t know the Arcane in EOC has the same effects as a Divine, Elysian will also have these effects. I’m having a good feeling about, I just want your 2 cents.

    • Linkbuilder says:

      I’m actually a complete noob to the highest level armors, and don’t even check their charts often. However I’m glad you brought it to my attention, EOC is absolutely going to create huge increase in prices of armors and supplies that will be need!

      Anyone else care to speculate?

  3. Fred says:

    What should I merch? What is most preferred? I’m really new to the hole merch stuff. Obviously I know what’s good to merch, but what’s best?

    • Linkbuilder says:

      Be sure to check out my Bank Screen Shot Blog post from September 5th. I’m updating it with new information about the items I am merching.

  4. Ze Augustus says:

    Yeah, I might try make the best from Botany Bay, hoping to make alot of cash. Would’ve it been better not to warn anyone about Botany Bay? And do you happen to know the date of the event?

    • White Crows says:

      The warning plays a key role in the update they want to gain hype on the situation they want botters to be scared, but they know most will brush it off. The big day is when people see all these people being banned it will give players the illusion that jagex is doing something about the bot problem, but in reality it’s the thousands of gold farming bots already being banned everyday. Then we are stuck with what I like to call your normal “every day botter” these are the people that effect differnt parts of the game rather than effect the market so much these guys effect the high scores (they lead to the removal of f2p high scores). I could be wrong, but that’s just my prediction for this update. Botters will be scared and panic so as link suggested look at some heavy botted material or raw materials (ores, high level logs – mapple up, high level fish – lobster up, and even things like bananas and flax both heavily botted for farming gold due to their no req and decent cash.

  5. White Crows says:

    Allot of people think that this update is to get people off of the backs of jagex about doing something about bots.

    My explanation: Thousands of bots are banned each day (mainly gold farmers) this would show users visually just how many bots get banned each day. Another use of this update would be to scare botters as one would be less likely to break a rule if they where to see someone getting caught breaking a rule they are getting ready to break. Either way this update should be pretty fun.

  6. Linkbuilder says:

    I think all the characters who have botted their skills up will get a warning, then they stop, and they are good from then on.
    However, it will be very hard to gold-farm the high level items from now on, because it will be hard to bot noobs up to high enough level without getting perm ban.
    Perhaps gold sellers will make armies and armies of noobs to collect low level items until the player gets banned, then simply create new ones and repeat.
    The real answer will be in how many hours of botting will it take before Jagex nails you for it? That will determine how the gold sellers will need to adapt.

  7. Bas says:

    Best lumbirgecity,

    Finely some action against the bots :) But what if would like to know is what about boters that quit botting before this bot nuke? (Will the get warned or will evrything start from 0 at styart of this nuke?)


    • White Crows says:

      Bas, the update will come with a new 3 strike rule so the account will be banned once then get another chance and then they will be banned again and on th 3rd ban they are banned for life.

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