Bitcoin Trading Today – Long and Profitable

Bitcoin price broke higher over night, showing strength out of a long bottom formation, catching us on the short side over night. Trading with no stop loss order, and going to bed with the market on the edge of a massive formation cost us 3.4% loss on a 0.03 btc trade.

  • Why are bitcoin prices going up?
  • Will bitcoin prices keep going up?
  • How high will bitcoin prices go?

This trader is almost entirely focused on trading the price of bitcoin based on the technical analysis patterns on the price charts, and only looks for the news about what caused the big move in bitcoin prices a few days or a week after the move.

Now we are long 0.12 btc, and expect to leave a bit of room for the market to move around before releasing our position.

LumbridgeCity Project is Developing

Very happy to add two more BTC tips to the trading fund in 1Broker – and also very excited with our first donation of NXT currency that is ear-marked for the development and release of an asset on the NXT Asset exchange. More detail about that coming soon.

Bitcoin Trading Today

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