Best Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins by Trade Volume – August 2015

Captured on July 28, this video includes trade commentary that provides a perspective* on potential price changes for the month of August 2015 by reviewing the price charts of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins, by trade volume, on Poloniex.


Here is a short list of some of the questions from people who find this website when searching google for help learning about bitcoin and the other digital currencies.

– Which are the best cryptocurrencies?

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– What altcoin should I trade?

– Show me how to trade cryptocurrencies!

– Where can I trade digital currencies?

Best Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins – Trade Review For August 2015

You can use these time estimates to skip ahead in the video to find the August Crypto Trading Report for the coin of your choice.

Litecoin 0:20

Monero 2:10

Bitshares 3:38

Nubits 5:03

NXT 6:00

CLAM 8:00

MAID 10:55 – Maidsafe Network

XEM 12:58 – New Economy Movement

Ripple 14:40

GEMZ 16:20 – GetGems

Bytecoin – 18:06

Qora – 20:26

EMC2 – 20:40

GMC – 21:40 – Gamecredits

XCP – 22:50 – Counterparty

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Another batch of common questions a newcomer will have: Getting started with bitcoin and then discovering the world of more than 1000 digital currencies can be overwhelming.


  • Can you tell me the best altcoins to trade in 2015?
  • Do you do altcoin trading?
  • How can I get started cryptocurrency trading?


  1. What do you think the top three cryptocurrency of 2015 will be?
  2. Does your site teach about investing in digital currencies?
  3. What is the best cryptocurrency if I want to invest?


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