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March 3 1995

I started to study commodities and trading futures contracts with an introductory course called The World’s Most Powerful Money Manual & Course (The Seminar) by the Ken Roberts Company.

I made a deal with my neighbor, Dave, where I paid part of his subscription to the Toronto Globe and Mail and he saved the commodities quotes page for me each day. I photocopied blank chart grids and set pencil to paper. For six months I called dozens of brokers for information while charting by hand before I opened an account with real money. Each and every trade was a loser and soon I was taking a break. While I saved up funds for my next failing plunge, I phoned several exchanges and systematically requested every free brochure and flier they offered. It was amazing! They sent boxes of information and much of it was great to read. I received far more information from the each of the exchanges than was included in my first commodities course. But, the research idea was Ken Roberts… hummm.

Winter of 95,

my Folks brought me their old IMB XT computer with Lotus 1-2-3 version 2.0! I was able to do ten-fold the analysis, and much faster than charting by hand! I entered daily data from the newspaper and it plotted moving averages, and even had an Accumulation/Distribution formula from an issue of Stocks and Commodities magazine!

I put more money in my account in the spring of 96 and lost it just as quickly. My interest faded. I felt that I couldn’t trade until I had the information that my Broker had… I needed a Pentium computer system.

By the fall of 96,

I finally could buy my computer and charting software – Metastock. I started paper-trading two accounts; one with $2000 and one with $100000. I made a small profit in both accounts, but focused little on the smaller paper-account.

Spring of 1997

found me with $1400 CDN real money to invest. I lost it with breath-taking swiftness.
I thought the Gods were against me! – – But, I have since learned risk control…

Throughout the winter of 96/97,

I sought out people who were also learning about trading; some long-time traders already. I stumbled upon Commodity Talk Traders Forum while tentatively searching the Internet for any Ken Roberts references. From there I have been pointed to a universe of information on trading futures, including; The Money Tree
by Larry Williams. I moved from being afraid of The Net, to becoming dependent on it for the information I need to successfully paper-trade commodities.


Inspired by the advice from online friends at Commodity Talk, I opened a Website on the Internet. The purpose of this page is to provide myself with a forum to set up a trading system that meets all the requirements of success. Building the complete system, I imagine, will help build my confidence in the system and develop the discipline needed to follow it.

August 23/97

My Website has grown and changed – and has a number of improvements still in the workings… (For several months, I dedicated hours each day to updating several pages of current and historical trade-data. I found it a great forum to test my honesty, and I still benefit from studying the data I collected)
Once the complete trading system is written, with the mechanical and discretionary components identified, I will be paper-trading for real with Auditrack. One step at a time, this time!

October 4/97

Unacceptable draw-down in my paper-trading account has guided me into spending more time researching and back-testing. Teach, a helpful trader from Commodity Talk, sent me mikeysmethods and, Bill the Cycle Trader, pointed me to the forum at Futures Magazine Online. Another avalanche of information to absorb! Another advance in my research was to print the last three months of price data for a dozen markets. I then spent the time doing back-testing. I uncovered one day at a time and marked profits and losses as I applied Mikeys Methods. Risk control, or when to get out of a trade, remains my weakness.

To that end, I am studying the teachings of The Phantom Of The Pits (POP) and his assistant Art Simpson (ALS) on Futures Magazine Traders Forum.


I’ve had success programing MetaStock with alerts, experimented with attaching Expert Analysis to securities and Ive played a little with the System Tester. Its a powerful program but has a learning curve for computer newbies.

December 97

My Christmas gift to me was a copy of the Bible of Technical Analysis – Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
by Edwards and MaGee. The first edition was printed in 1948 – and its information applies to any current chart! The Seventh Edition includes fifty years of experience – free!

January 1998

I had the good fortune of a local sponsor who provided me with FutureLink satellite data feed throughout the months of January and February. I paper-traded intensely and kept rigorous records of my activities. My results were to fantastic! Using Mikeys Methods to Money or Madness for entry criteria, and Phantom of The Pits Rule #1 and Rule #2 for my risk control procedures, I was able to earn my whole years income in just two months — on paper. Without real capitol to trade, I became enraged with frustration. Mikeys Methods lead me to Madness because I am stuck in a difficult job that I don’t like… and I wont trade again with an under-funded account.

Spring of 98

Beginning in March, I have turned my time and attention away from paper-trading. I am occupied with a long, but necessary, financial preparation phase. Once I have enough capitol gathered (goal of $10K, in an estimated two years,) I will again tend to my trading career.

Till then, I’m a biker without a Harley!

For my birthday in June of 98, I purchased a several books on trading. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
by Edwin Lefevre (first published in 1923), Market Wizards
and New Market Wizards
by Jack Schwager, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind
by Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931) and Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds
by Charles Mackay (first edition printed in 1841).

September 2003.

I can now take the time to learn more about the psychology of trading by paper trading with a live online service, and by entering a trading competition. The live paper trading will help me establish a trading routine for the data management and risk control activities. The public contest – and my ego – should provide some of the emotions of real trading.

Phantom of the Pits states that the best time to learn about the market is when it is closed – much less costly!

And he stresses that you can learn from other peoples mistakes as well as from your own.

Fall of 2007

Never having lost interest in Trading, I reorganised some of my notes from ten year ago and posted a short website Stock Trading Notes that was soon neglected.

Summer 2009

I started to Trade items, or merchant, on the Runescape Grand Exchange. As I started reviewing the price charts for the items, I immediately recognized two opportunities. Excitement gripped me because I knew that all of my past experiences and education with commodities trading could be used to help me earn fantastic returns within the game of Runescape. And the more I traded items on the Grand Exchange, I realized more and more that I could use this arena as a stepping stone to trading again on the real life Commodities Exchanges.

Fall of 2009

My career experience with building websites, my former Runescape Blog that had been online since 2005 and the old Player Killing Guide I wrote in 2006, it was natural for me to create a new website about Merchanting On Runescape – is reborne.

Oct 21 09 Opens. First created with ButterflyMarketing Content Management System

Dec 3 09 Closes for a brief period while I migrate the website to a WordPress CMS, created with the Thesis Theme and powered by the Wishlist Membership Plugin.

Feb 09

Due to growing demand, Closes again for a brief period while I move the Membership Subscription Management over to ClickBank. On Feb 17, Runescape Bloggers, YouTube Video Makers and Runescape Fan Site Owners can become our affiliates and earn monthly income by sending us traffic!

March 09

Another re-organization of content and new expanded Merch Guides! New Lifetime Membership Option available, in addition to the monthly membership option. Affiliate Payment BOOSTED to 75%! Time for YOU to cash in on the lucrative online gaming industry!

November 2011

Upgraded Merchanters Mastermind course now expanded to nine module course with self-test exams! First offered in August of 2011, this limited size course is now being offered for the second time.

September 2012

New wordpress theme, new squeeze page and a several months of testing various social sharing strategies. Membership content was changed to permit access for the cost of a Like or a Tweet. This did boost the social signals for the content we targeted. While successful, the social actions did not build our email list.

December 2012

New membership/affiliate/shopping cart plugins were added to the site, and the free Merchanting Lessons were placed within a Membership Area. New registrants for the free merchanting guides are automatically affiliates, and can opt into an email newsletter at the time of registration.

Lumby Lotto Starts and Ends. After a short run of Lumby Lotto, data shows it was not increasing the number of registrations – and seemed to sway away from the target audience of the people signing up, so, Lumby Lotto is retired as an interesting experiment.

January 2013

A few changes to the theme and layout to prepare for a series of New Short Merchanting Horoscopes! Upgrade to Premium Membership to get them all, or pick and choose to purchase just the Merchanting Horoscopes that you are interested in! Provided for entertainment only, these witty tidbits will lighten your day, provide wisdom and clues about the various items for merchanting on the Runescape Grand Exchange!

June 2013

December 2014

Taking the next step in trading to build and grow real world wealth. While learning about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, it was clear these offer an easy way to start using the same methods practiced in LumbridgeCity – in the real world. A new introduction to Exchange Traded Funds also opens doors for beginning traders get it the big game of trading commodities price changes even with very little investment.

January 2015

Getting started with Cryptocurrency trading. Setting up wallets and getting registered at a good trading exchange. This period is a time of great research and a good time to be creating content for the members area to help people save all this research and get directly to the best cryptos and directly to the best ways of making bitcoin quickly.

Getting prepared to move equity between real world currencies, cryptocurrencies and exchange traded funds will require several different accounts and the personal verification needed to enable the quick and easy online moving of the funds. ETF studies will focus on reviewing many sets of price charts and researching fundamentals of ETF certain markets and establish some best options while at the same time, putting real world funds into place for small ETF positions, Crypto preparation will focus on getting initial funding by selling real world services for payment in Bitcoin and some other coin currencies.


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