7 Key Things Wealth People Already Know About Money

In order to get rich on Runecape, you just need to know the same things that other wealthy people already know about money – in game, or in the real world. You need a plan to make money, and you need a plan grow it! Merchanting on the grand exchange is how I´ve made almost all my gold on RS.

I don’t spend a lot of time in-game these days… I have a couple 99 skills, but, because I haven’t been playing much, I’m getting to become a noob again – in all but one area of the game.  That is merchanting, of course.

LumbridgeCity Academy will teach you the methods I have learned, and then practiced – proven to work, and then taught to others to be successful in merchanting.  You can check through old archives and merchanting logs of our long-sleeping and retired/deactivated Forum (below)

The forums are no longer open, but I keep the archive online – it contains a great deal of wisdom from hundreds of contributing members, and I invite you to read through the experiences of former Lumbridgecity Members.

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And, just like the many ways to make money and grow in in Runescape, and if you do the same things that other wealthy players are doing – you can also get rich on Runescape – the same thing is true in the real world.

What Most Wealthy People Feel About Money

Most wealthy people feel good when they think about money – they feel good about the services they are providing, and they feel good in most parts of their lives.  They experience feelings of eagerness and anticipation when planning and organizing their money possibilities.  They feel a sense of abundance and confidence that their services make a positive difference – and they take action with a feeling that they can expect success in helping people with a solution or benefit.  And they feel good welcoming payment.

They feel good about money.  They consider money to be a friendly, invisible machine – that works on their behalf when it is set to following a specific plan.  They feel good learning more about money, and improving all aspects of how their money is working for them.  It is a pastime, a sport, a hobby to always learn more about money, and how it works.

And by this path of feeling good about money, it is easy and natural for wealthy people to have learned these 7 things about how money works in the real world.


Here is the ´Instant Access´ Report –

List of 7 things That Wealthy People Already Know




  1. Develop an Emergency Fund
  2. Develop a Risk Protection Plan
  3. Set Short-Term and Long-Term Savings Goals
  4. Prepare an Investment Plan
  5. Begin Effective Tax Planning
  6. Create a Will and Estate Plan
  7. Establish a Debt Reduction/Elimination Plan


Emergency Fund

Wealthy people already know how they felt when they achieved enough savings that they could cover 6 months living costs with no income, and they also had enough money set aside for an unexpected round-trip for a family wedding, special event, or, emergency.

You might say, they gained a new level at that time, and were ready for bigger games with money.

How much would you need to have put aside to gain this level of feeling secure about money?

6 months living costs = ?

round trip travel costs for a family event = ?

Risk Protection Plan

Insurance is needed in the real world. But very few people go out and intentionally seek out the best advice about insurance. More often, an insurance salesman catches up with you and guilts you into a meeting – and the presentation all makes sense and sounds good, so you buy what he suggests.

Then some years later, you need to reorganize details so you talk to a rep who was referred to you by a successful associate… and you may realize that better information about insurance would have saved you a tonne of money.

You may have no insurance – and if not, it may be a good idea to ask someone you trust if they have a good recommendation – then call and schedule a meeting to learn all the details about insurance for business, life insurance and health insurance that will cover travel abroad…  go ahead and learn about insurance before you need it…

The key thing is, wealthy people feel good about gaining knowledge about insurance. If you consider shopping for insurance to be much like buying buffs and potions for your character – start organizing details on what bonuses are provide to each skill in your wealth building…


Short-Term and Long-Term Savings Goals

Short Term Goals and Long Term Plans range from a two month budget, up to a three year projection.  An investment plan includes goals with longer time frame.

On RS, I don’t have a limited budget and constant expenses like we do in real life.  So in the Merchanting Academy, we haven´t covered this area of basic things that wealthy people already know.

But – in the real world, this is where many wealthy people get the most fun out of growing their money! This is where I have to refer you to the source that I learned this part of the planning process – “Money Is My Friend” – by Phil Laut

The Investment Plan: This is where Lumbridgecity Academy comes in – our membership area is focused on teaching a method of investing.  One of the things that wealth people in the real world already know, it different ways to keep their money, and make that money grow.

Some of the best advisors recommend establishing your emergency fund, then max out our RRSP contributions and pay off your mortgage early.  And then, after attaining this basic level of assets, it may be prudent to invest a small portion of your savings into the stocks or commodities markets.

This is where LumbridgeCity is focused – we merchant on the Runescape Grand Exchange using the very same methods that Stock and Commodities Traders have been doing for over 100 years.

Lumbridgecity Academy teaches out to use our proven strategies of trading using technical analysis on price chart patterns.  We have a great time using these methods to help us choose when to buy and sell when trading.

The markets are endlessly fascinating and change every day. Every investor needs a clear plan –  when to get out of a trade, and when to add to a trade. The core strategies taught in Lumbridgcity can be used in any Investment Plan.


Tax Planning

Nobody likes taxes. But wealthy people make a game of organizing their details to minimize taxes.  This involves a lot of planning – often looking over a decade or longer, in order to make the right choices in organization today.

Tax planning should be included in every monthly budget. Just like insurance, this is another area where wealthy people already know how helpful it is to meet with a tax specialist twice each year to review what the best options are.  And they also eager to meet annually with a Chartered General Accountant and get more perspective and help on any tax savings that may be available.


Will and Estate Planning

I have written a brief Will by hand, shared it with my Family, and stored it with my personal papers.  The more wealth you have, the more detailed you need to be.


Good Debt, Bad Debt and Your Debt Plan

Most wealth people already know that is can be good to have debts.  They feel good about good debts and they feel bad about bad debts.  And they know about the fees they are paying for banking, credit cards, and all other financial transactions – and wealth people already know how to organize the details to minimize those extra fees.

Wealthy people already know the benefits of considering reasons to borrow to purchase revenue-generating assets.  They learn about real estate and prepare for opportunities, just as we traders on Runescape and in the real world, are always watching for exactly the right conditions to take a position.

What does it take for someone who is not wealthy to get wealthy?  Simple – you have to do what wealthy people already know how to do.

Once it is fun to play with money, then it is fun to learn these things – once you learn this stuff, you organize your money this way… and you start to become wealthy – because it feels good, it makes sense.

It actually feels good to have debt that enables the purchase of a revenue-generating asset to grow your money, and it actually feels bad to have debt, paying interest for purchasing an expense or consumable.

Wealthy people already know that it feels good to review and plan their debt plan for the most benefits.




The LumbridgeCity Academy is focused on practicing the trading patterns – now using the Grand Exchange, and soon, in the real world commodities markets.  At the same time we will review and introduce more ways to take the successes we are having in growing our money, and add them to the good habits of successful ways of managing money in the real world!

What does it take?

But – What does it take – for someone who has no money, to get money and then to get wealthy?  You have to make money, keep your money, and grow your money.

Join us, and study how to feel good about money, learn what wealthy people already know, and then naturally do what wealthy people already know how to do.

When you feel good about money, then learning everything about money is great fun, a rewarding hobby and the best way to provide security in your life.


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LumbridgeCity Academy will teach you the methods I have learned, and then practiced – proven to work, and then taught to others to be successful in merchanting.  You can check through old archives and merchanting logs of our long-sleeping and retired/deactivated Forum


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