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The Future Of Money is Changing.

Join our quest to test every different way to earn and grow our cryptocurrency holdings.

Topics are organized to guide you through an introduction to trading cryptocurrencies on Poloniex and much more. Join Us. We are obsessed with every different way to grow our digital currency holdings.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading with Technical Analysis – Six Part Course.
  • How to Trade Gold and Silver with Bitcoin.
  • Private Forums Support Trading And Also
  • Getting Started with Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining
  • When to rent hashing power and when to sell it.
  • How to rent your hard-drive to earn altcoins.
  • The best online partnerships that pay in bitcoin.
  • Earn Low-Risk Compound Interest Lending Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Trading Course and Community

These all original, bite-sized lessons will help you cover all the basics in getting started with each bitcoin and altcoin profit strategy we teach.

This course is a great intro, and is always a worthy refresher for experienced traders – because we use a clear and systematic approach to technical analysis when we review current prices of dozens of today’s best cryptocurrencies to trade.

Course and tutorial activities are organized to guide new traders through the following four phases of learning and practical experience:

      1. introduction to trading digital currencies,
      2. writing your own personalized trading action plan,
      3. actually micro-trading your plan
      4. and updating your trading journal!

We are passionate about earning, trading and all ways to grow our cryptocurrency holdings. The future of money is changing, and gaining small amounts of this asset class will bring tremendous rewards in the near future.

Trading is only one method to grow your holdings.

You will also learn different ways to passively earn, and grow your digital currency holdings, including mining bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, renting hard-drive space to earn altcoin, running masternodes – and earning bitcoin and digital currencies by any other method we discover – and then lending the profits for safe compound interest…


Bitcoin Trading Course for Beginners



Bitcoin Trading Course Review

CryptoCurrency Trading Course Lesson Outline

  • Pre-Course Preparation
  • Part One: Getting Started on Poloniex
        • Poloniex in Three Steps
        • Part Two: Advanced Digital Currency Lending
          • Set and Forget Teared Lending
          • Advanced Lending Tutorial Replay
          • Practical Bitcoin Lending for 2017
        • Part Three – Two Risk Control Rules
          • My Short Story – and why this course is organized in this order
            • Rule Number One
            • Rule Number Two
            • Practical Examples of Rule #1 and Rule #2
        • Part Four: Reading Altcoin Chart Formations
          • Bottom Formation Hunting
          • Basic Technical Analysis Patterns
          • Trendlines, Reversal Patterns and Moving Averages
          • Using Rule #1 and Rule #2 in Trend Trading
          • Following Bottom Formations in 2017
        • Part Five – Examples Of Our Simple Trading Formations
          • Reviewing Live Examples of Risk Control
          • Live Trade Journal – Making Trades and Taking Profits/Losses
        • Part Six – Ongoing Q&A on Bitcoin, World Market and Altcoin Trading with our private forums
          • Maximum Leverage Trading Gold and Silver using Bitcoin

    Along with the Course – you’ll find ongoing weekly cryptocurrency video tutorials and many bonus videos reviewing trading patterns in the current markets.  Watch them all at your own pace!

    Get personal tutoring and consistent perspective on the markets as they stand today in our private forum. We provide support training to every course on this site.

    The private forum, live chat and community groups provide the support and encouragement to ensure you apply the lessons you learn, and move your new knowledge about growing your money into practical experience!

    The community will take you from your first wealth building plan and help you build a life-long habit of growing your money!

    The best of Digital Currency Trading Course content, tutorials, videos from LumbridgeCity Altcoin Trading Courses, Live hangouts and tutorials. And to stay current with the best cryptocurrencies for 2017!

    Lifetime access to our private forums and private trading journal area!

        • Step-by-step CryptoCurrency Trading Course
        • Learn Altcoin Market Technical Analysis
        • Trading Tutorial Video Vault Archives
        • Daily Trading Journals with Live Trades
        • New Tutorials on Passive Earning with Mining
        • Low Risk Digital Currency Lending and Investing


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To Your Success!



There is risk of loss in all bitcoin and digital currency trading. Our Bitcoin and Digital Currency Trading Guide teaches well known technical analysis patterns and paradigm shift in risk control strategies, however, past performance does not indicate potential future success. Please read About Us and our Terms.

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