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Watch Our Trading System Tutorial Videos

We teach two simple, yet profound trading methods and help you adapt them to fit your trading style.

  1. Failed retest of high or low
  2. High probability Swing Trading

We teach you how to recognize very simple, repeat patterns in the price charts that signal high-probability trade opportunities when they happen, no matter what market you are studying. There is no need for complicated technical indicators – in fact when you see all these fancy indicators that many trading gurus use, and you simply look underneath that, you always see the simple patterns that we teach – are right there in the price chart beneath all the confusing mess of indicators.

These price chart patterns always happen for these trading signals to occur – they have to happen. When there is an important change in market sentiment, when the crowd of traders are changing their view of the market, these basic, predictable price patterns are almost always in place when studying the price charts. These patterns are the best trading opportunities and we watch for them, we wait for them – and we take action when we see them.

See past examples of these two trading patterns in our free YouTube Videos

You can see these patterns in Bitcoin, in cryptocurrencies, and you will find them in the price charts for all major markets, stocks, commodities and forex.

You don’t get enough Thank yous around here…for all that you do. If only potential members could see the true value, they would quickly agree it is worth way more. You bring tons of value and a suave way to teach.

I trusted my gut feeling after watching your videos for some months. Glad to be able to say…I was Right!…and to be a part of the community.

— Edgel
Learn Risk Control Rules

Knowing trading patterns for entry points is only half of the training. In a losing game such as trading, we follow and practice the teachings of Phantom of the Pits: Rule 1 and Rule 2, a very important trading philosophy that takes practice and reflection before it becomes second nature in all your trading.

We review these risk control rules against all of our trading plans, before putting on a trade, at all times during the trade, and then review our trade after-the-fact to determine how well we followed these critical risk control rules to ensure we are smaller in our trade when we are wrong, and larger in our position when we are right.

Members Gain Access To Continuous Commentary And Updates On:

  1. Bitcoin price,
  2. top volume traded Cryptocurrencies,
  3. stocks, futures, and forex.
  • Weekly updates on trading patterns
  • Weekly update on interest rates for Bitcoin loans

Learn about our strategies and where they fit, adapt them to create your personal trading plan, learn and practice the risk control rules, stay informed with our updates. Create your trading journal – practice identifying the patterns, practice applying the risk control rules – and receive help and coaching from various traders in our private community.
As a Member of LumbridgeCity, you become a trusted part of a very exclusive group of traders who are serious about becoming remarkably rich, and generous in helping everyone in the community to become consistently profitable.

Our small private forum does not have biased promoters, scammers and price manipulators. The small community of dedicated members enables comments and discussion, where Members (like yourself) may openly participate and talk with other other traders about each market.

Over time, the trading journals of other traders provide fantastic insight and additional value!

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All the past price manipulation scams of a well-known, publicly boasting Altcoin Clan – have been gathered together into a comprehensive spreadsheet in order to predict some of the most likely coins that may be next in line for these massive group-buy-out strategies.

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The price charts VERIFY THESE FACTS!

Our report identifies these 29 coins, provides you with screenshots and links to the price charts, and narrows our recommends to 15 coins that are HIGHLY LIKELY to be targets for price manipulation in the near future!!

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