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Dear Fellow Runescaper,

No hype, no exaggeration, no fluff or theory… what I’m about to show you is some of the EASIEST gold pieces you can make. Period. I truly believe this is the best method right now for newbie or experienced players.

I’m talking about Merchanting on the Grand Exchange…

Runescape Merchanting has become CRAZY (and I mean crazy in a good way. A VERY good way)

248-percent-gainsYou see, total newbies are making insanely profitable trades and laughing all the way to the bank. Today, the world of Runescape Money Making is truly a virtual goldmine. Those who take action and follow an intelligent path can expect to bank big time – right out of the gate!

Once I got into Merchanting on Runescape I was blown away. I started finding items for profitable trades immediately. I was ecstatic (and kicking myself for not “seeing the light” sooner!) The results were bigger, faster and easier than anything else I’ve done. I’ve been hooked ever since, and I have taught THOUSANDS of others to do the same!

Easy And Predictable “MINI” Merchanting Trades Of 300k gp Or More

A single trade can bring me a profit of at LEAST several million gold pieces per trade. And these simple little trades only take a few minutes to find. It’s some of the easiest gold pieces I’ve made.

That’s why I’m putting so much of my focus on teaching Merchanting right now. I want to help others learn that YOU can also make your money work for you!

YES. You absolutely can do it too. It isn’t rocket science. You just need to follow a few simple steps that are predictable and repeatable. You’re going to be blown away by how ridiculously easy it is.

I love your stuff man. I find it hard to predict what to merch, but after studying your guides pretty much all day… i think i can actually start making money!! — Jared Trefry

I’ll Show You ALL My Profitable Methods, Every Little Detail Exposed Nothing Held Back!

Without a doubt, the best way to learn anything is by seeing an example. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

In Lumbridgecity Academy, you’re going to see how I recently made 30% profits in Free to Play Merchanting for a profitable item. It took only a few minutes to find the item and a couple days to make the profits. It nets me a solid profit almost on total auto-pilot.

One simple F2P item = 30% profit in days… not too shabby for only a few minutes of “work”. And when you consider how easy and fast it is to find these opportunities, well… do the math. It really begins to add up!

i don’t know if you remember but I started with only 2M….. I’M AT 400M!!!! In the past year, I have gain a 19,900% PURE PROFIT- These methods work, I’m living proof. — King Kylan

How much do you think you can make?

When the reality of these methods starts to sink in – I bet you’ll be so excited you’ll have trouble sleeping at night! It truly is a golden opportunity for those who are willing to take a little action.

BTW – This has nothing to do with luck. I have this down to a predictable science so that 80% of my trades dominate on the Runescape Grand Exchange!

Introducing LumbridgeCity Academy


– How to find items on the G.E. for very profitable trades
– How to multiple “mini” money making trades of 30%+ profits
– How to get profits fast (days, even hours)
– How to use gold pieces to a free Runescape Membership
– How to dominate in Free to Play or Pay to Play merching
– Exact strategies I use (formations, trends, patterns)
– Every little step (nothing held back, totally transparent)

i gotta admit this id pritty cool i use to merch, but now i can really bring in some cash!! — brenden tustison

Very impressive indeed :), I really cant wait to give merchanting a shot — Mariokart

Newbie Friendly, No Skills Needed

If you’re new maybe you’re thinking that merchanting is too advanced and difficult. Not the way I do it! I’ll show you a very simple way to pick some awesome trades using incredibly easy to use methods (you don’t even have to use a calculator unless you want to).

There is very little learning curve here. Everything I teach revolves around simplicity effectiveness and patience. You can be making killer trades you very first day!

this guide has been truly helpful thanks a lot you rule man :P — temisan Kpogho

NO BS Theory. This is proven and tested!

So many old money making guides are out of date. Not This One. LumbridgeCity Academy reveal every little detail of REAL profitable trades I’ve been doing successfully for years!

We’re talking totally TOTAL TRANSPARENCY. Every single step is revealed so you can easily copy what I’m doing. You’ll be creating mini merchanting profits of 300k to 3m per trade practically overnight!

Very few merchanters are willing to show you the exact methods that are making them money. Either they don’t have the proof or they are afraid of opening themselves up to a ton of competition.

But I’m excited to do it! I care about making a difference in the world – about helping as many people as I possibly can, I increase the good in my life. My method of finding profitable items to trade on the Grand Exchange is SO EASY I can practically pick these out in my sleep (and you will too once you see how to do it).

The solo merching tips are pretty obvious and simple to understand. Thanks — azerty qwerty

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied in any way with your purchase, you have my 60 day guarantee I will buy the entire course back from you, no questions asked. I want long term success for you, so if this is not for you, the I want to part as friends and maybe we can chat again at a later time.

It Doesn’t get any easier than this…

Every little detail is meticulously outlined so you can duplicate my success. It doesn’t get any easier than this… I’m handing you the keys to success on a silver platter. Just copy exactly what I’m doing!

And the cool thing is you can rinse and repeat my process over and over. You can find and merch as many 300k-3m per trade “mini” trades as you want.

It doesn’t take much time… how many do you think you can trade?

In my opinion this is the fastest and most realistic method available today on Runescape. If you’re a newbie this could be your ticket. If you’re an experienced merchanter this could be a trading method that launches your profits to the next level. Income potential?

The sky’s the limit…

To Your Success


Amazing and in-depth guide. You don’t know how much this helped me out! Thanks alot!! — Noob Merchanter

Absenm Creator of

You teach things. Your content isn’t really freely known, and therefore I fully support your site being a paid service. In fact the only paid teaching/training site I trust and recommend. And I wish you continued success.

Absenm Creator of

When i was first on this site, i was so confused, didnt know what to merch. Now when i see the graphs, its as clear as daylight to me. — Sherwin Aminpour

Let’s review what you’ll learn and how you’ll benefit.

Module One

Rule Number One

This Rule acts like a seat belt and keeps you losses small.

Rule Number One

Module Three

123 Bottom Formations

How to Invest for long term profits in just minutes per day.

1-2-3 Bottoms

Module Two

Rule Number Two

This Rule helps you increase your profits when you are correct.

Rule Number Two

Module Four

Swing Trading

High Profit Swing Trading – Up to 20% profits in a few days!

Hi Profit Swing Trading

Module Five

Flipping on Runescape

Flipping items could be fastest way to earn money on Runescape.

Flipping Items.

Module Seven

Milk The Grand Exchange

Advanced Flipping – dominate with Mass flipping in uncertain markets. Milking The GE

Module Six

The Hockey Stick Pattern

Short term trade signals

The best day to flip an item The Hockey Stick Pattern

Module Eight

Picking Items

Finding Opportunities – how to pick the best Items To Merchant Finding Items to Merch

Module Nine

Risk Control

How To Control Your Risks so you can Keep Your Money And Grow It

Risk Control

Very Helpfull, I’m learning how to read graphs properly thanks to these videos. I Can’t thank you enough! — Joshua Bevan


I’m so confident that LumbridgeCity teaches the most powerful methods of Merchanting on the G.E. today, that if you aren’t completely satisfied within 60 days, you will receive a full refund of your purchase price.

With no risk, what do you have to lose?


hi linkbuilder, im new to here and it is the COOLEST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — christopher burbach

LumbridgeCity Academy

Thousands of actual Runescape players have proven this system! REGISTER NOW for the Merchanting Academy, and learn how to earn unknown millions of gold pieces as Jagex ‘Helps The Economy Recover’!

this is an epic formula. cant believe how simple it seems as well :) — Matthew Buxton

YES! – Sign me up NOW! I’m ready to join the LumbridgeCity Academy!

I understand that:

My Seven Day Trail of $4.95 will be processed immediately for full access to all Nine Academy Training Modules – and access to historical Hangouts.

After my 7 Day Trial, My Monthly Membership of $8.95 will be processed monthly, for access to EXCLUSIVE LIVE Hangouts and ongoing access to all Nine Academy Training Modules!

I will receive instant access to the Academy Video Lessons. As Jagex continues to update and expand Runescape, I can rewatch merchanting guide videos for a refresher course at any time!

The Academy Sessions are private. I understand that multiple IP logins at the same time will disable my account.

I take the LumbridgeCity Academy Video Course entirely RISK-FREE – backed by an iron-clad 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.


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Hey, I’d like to thank you again for the videos you have supplied. I have learnt so much from this website — Joshua Bevan

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. This is the ideal time to take advantage of LumbrigeCity Academy Training!

Tbh, this is the best website i hv never seen b4… thx for your sharing… its very useful for me! — Merching4life

If you don’t take action, you will feel pain. You will keep getting more of what you have already been getting.

To make matters worse, you will become very frustrated because you will now be keenly aware that others are making huge profits while you are grinding the levels… or worse, buying Bonds or Gold… And you will begin noticing rich noob players all around the Grand Exchange – will you still wonder how they make money? NO.

You will know it’s from merchanting – you could have been rich too, you knew it was coming – but you were afraid, you hesitated, and you missed out on a boom market that may never be seen again.

Nice man, Very good advice everywere here. I will for sher tell all my rs friends about this site. — Justin Caley

Don’t Miss out. Learn to read the signals. Take the course.

Omg I like this already! It’s got so much information to help you get on your feet and start! — Brian Hollingsworth

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To Your Success!


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