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Learn How The AltCoin Markets Really Work

If you don’t want to keep losing money – then you need to know how skilled traders view the bitcoin and altcoin markets.

If you have no concept of how these markets really work, then you are leaving yourself open to all kinds of exploits and abuse that can and will be used against you.

Gain The Correct Knowledge And Profit!

Perhaps you have lost money consistently, and that’s why you are reading this. I want you to know that you can earn back every single coin that you ever lost, and start to become a consistent, profitable trader, because you have finally found the correct knowledge!

Do you agree that there is a small group of traders in any market who make more money than 90% of the traders combined? Could it be that these traders have learned how to avoid ‘market risk’ and only trade with ‘certainty’?

What is it about market psychology, and the mechanics of price movement that these traders understand that you may be missing? Fact is, once you know how, why and when money moves through any given market, you too can place yourself in trade positions that deposit this money into YOUR trading accounts, again and again.

What Does It Take To Consistently Make Profits?

Of course you likely already know that being a consistent, profitable trader takes many skills – but the most important component to your success, is your ability to think differently than the crowd mentality. It is vitally important that you make independent decisions based on facts & figures, and not based on emotion or tips you may hear.

It is always best to identify a coin that has exhibited several exploitable patterns in the past. Look for consistently recurring movements in a coin that has been able to maintain a steady stream of volume throughout its lifespan on the market and mark this as one of your ‘Quality’ coins for trading.

Your largest profits will come from the most unusual places – the very places that public chat room experts will warn you away from!


Stop Hanging Out With Losing Traders.

The more time you spend in ‘free’ online chat with other novice traders, the more often their FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) will settle into your subconscious mind.

If you don’t want to get fleas, don’t sleep with the dogs!
If you want to become a better golfer, get a better golf instructor.
If you want to become a black belt, practice with other black belts.


Mediocrity and success are both contagious. That applies to trading cryptos, as in all areas of life.

How do you trade with better traders? Join us and MIX with them. YOU choose your environment!

If you want to gain consistent profitability, gain the skills to think on your own with confidence.

“Thank you, those are valuable informations… That’s why i am here… In an open forum you can’t trust anyone because everyone wants just to promote their coins.”

– kanedias


Stop Chasing The Hype – Learn To Get Positioned For Profits

Skilled altcoin traders do not chase after hype trains, they understand that once the crowd is getting hyped, it’s already time to sell.

You see, there is a set of criteria, a clear pattern, that is always present when money moves into various altcoins.

It works in a specific manner that is largely driven by crowd thinking, before volume can push the price of a digital currency into remarkable levels of profit. These patterns are displayed in the price charts – simple, repeating patterns, clear as can be – for those who know how to read them.

There is no need to go overboard with complex ‘technical analysis,’ consistent winners simply study the patterns that literally attract trading volume to boost the price of a coin. They simply position themselves, and the advantage of profit comes to them without great effort.

Knowing these criteria, these chart patterns, is like putting a magnet near metal – it just draws the money in.

Crowd Psychology and Price Movement

Like it or not, if you don’t understand market psychology and price movement, you’re going to lose money trading.

This is a direct result of three key points:

1. Not knowing the market that you are trading in,
2. Not having the sufficient skills to limit risk, and most often,
3. Starting to trade the market without a strategy.


Before you trade, you should prepare yourself, or you will have your money taken from you on a daily basis.

If that’s what’s been happening to you, then you have to admit that you don’t know the ins and outs of trading your market. That’s the only way you’ll start learning the strategies that work.

Lumbridgecity offers new and intermediate bitcoin traders a place to develop a trading plan and practice analysis with your peers in a private, helpful learning environment.


What You Get

Education – Trade Entry and Exit Strategy Basics

More than 30 hours of Special Training Videos with an intro to Trading Bitcoin and Technical Analysis lessons. Learn proven trend following strategies, learn important trend and reversal patterns, and learn swing trading for short-term time frames!

Bitcoin Trading Tutorials

  • Getting Started Trading Bitcoin
  • How to place a trade with a stop loss
  • 1-2-3 reversal patterns
  • Consolidation breakouts
  • Read Support & Resistance Levels
  • Using Moving Averages to confirm entry and exits

Technical Analysis Lessons

  • Nine Video Training Modules
  • 1-2-3 Bottom Formations
  • Simple Swing Trading
  • Risk Control Rules #1 and #2
  • Historical recordings of live webinars

Risk Control and Money Management

We have a unique focus on risk control that is different than most traders.

A Private Home For Your Trading Journal

The best way to improve your trading is to keep a detailed training journal. Record your personal Bitcoin Price analysis with commentary about the signals you trade, and analyse your successes and failures to improve your trading.

Video Tutorials, Forum, Live Hangouts

Lumbridgecity provides tutorials that teach the mechanics of the 1-2-3 formation trading and how to prepare for a swing trade setup – while teaching risk control rules to ensure smaller losses when you are wrong and larger position sizes when you are correct.

The two basic Lumbridgecity trading methodologies and the risk control rules are demonstrated on real time price charts and discussed throughout.

We work together as a community to identify and share technical analysis for high probability trading setups. Our community shares trade recommendations, often with detailed entry point and suggested stop loss ranges, and projections on where to take profit. Members can review the trade recommendations against their own trading plan.

The Lumbridgecity trading account is open to our members – we don’t cherry pick the trades to share, instead, we consider all trading history, mistakes and successes, are more training content to help our members with more success and fewer mistakes!

this is an epic formula. cant believe how simple it seems as well :)

— Matthew Buxton

For new or struggling traders, take a week and really absorb all the valuable training videos. Learn from over 30 hours of training videos and tutorials, download and keep all the extras, and simply cancel before the end of the seven day trail and pay nothing more – and all that information is yours to keep and profit from!

OR – if you like our philosophy and approach… make a commitment to your future. Make a commitment to changing your habits with money on all levels: join our private community to get the consistent coaching you need, and at the same time, help Lumbridgecity reach and help more people.

Altcoin Price Manipulation EXPOSED

Bitcoin and Altcoin trading are unregulated. Everyone *suspects* Pump and Dump schemes – but one Altcoin Clan actually publishes all their successful market manipulation exploits!

There are NO RULES and Price Manipulation is rampant!

All the past price manipulation scams of a well-known, publicly boasting Altcoin Clan – have been gathered together into a comprehensive spreadsheet in order to predict some of the most likely coins that may be next in line for these massive group-buy-out strategies.

For the first time, YOU have a chance to OUTSMART the big price manipulators and position yourself to exploit the exploiters and make HUGE profits off the back of their efforts!!

*** Altcoin Pump-and-Dump Leader – EXPOSES HIMSELF! ***

Since September of 2014, the leader of this Pump-and-Dump clan has boastfully reported price manipulations on over 230 occasions! A total of 114 different coins have been manipulated – 50 coins have been pumped-and-dumped more than once, some 29 coins have been targeted for manipulation three different times over the past nine months!

The price charts VERIFY THESE FACTS!

Our report identifies these 29 coins, provides you with screenshots and links to the price charts, and narrows our recommends to 15 coins that are HIGHLY LIKELY to be targets for price manipulation in the near future!!

We don’t know which coins they may choose to pump next – but the charts reveal our 15 picks would be ideal candidates for the next group buy-out. This is your opportunity to position yourself for amazing gains of 50% to 400% profits!

Simply stock up on these likely candidates, set your sell orders at levels where previous pumps have driven prices… and when they start their next PUMP – you can just watch the money to flow in!

286% Profit Trade from June 1 until June 5

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Bought at 337 satoshi, sold at 1301 - 286% PROFIT

Bought at 337 satoshi, sold at 1301 – 286% PROFIT

Take a position based on probability, and let the market do the work!

Take a position based on probability, and let the market do the work!

24.36% Profit In 5 Days.

Ripple Trade - 24.36% profit in 5 days

76.27% Profit In 13 Days.


YES! – Sign me up NOW! I’m ready to join the LumbridgeCity Academy!

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I will receive instant access to the Academy Video Lessons. I can re-watch the guide videos for a refresher course at any time!

The Academy Sessions are private. I understand that multiple IP logins at the same time will disable my account.

I take the LumbridgeCity Academy Video Course entirely RISK-FREE – backed by an iron-clad 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.



**NOTE – Membership is not open to residents of the State of New York, USA or other countries where Bitcoin is regulated.


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Hey, I’d like to thank you again for the videos you have supplied. I have learnt so much from this website

— Joshua Bevan

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. This is the ideal time to take advantage of LumbrigeCity Academy Training!

Tbh, this is the best website i hv never seen b4… thx for your sharing… its very useful for me!

— Merching4life

If you don’t take action, you will feel pain. You will keep getting more of what you have already been getting.

Nice man, Very good advice everywere here. I will for sher tell all my rs friends about this site.

— Justin Caley

Don’t Miss out. Learn to read the signals. Take the course.

Omg I like this already! It’s got so much information to help you get on your feet and start!

— Brian Hollingsworth

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To Your Success!


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